that time.


)’: meehoo. so sad sent papa off at the airport this morning. woke up so early like 615! have a safe safe flight! omgg go usa will be soo bored on the plane i bet. haha.

22 march :D faster come.


don’t be scared meanie! all the best and trust in God :D

last year,

can’t believe that one year ago i was in that position. so exciting i really wanna go back and take results again! (: why they spoil the surprise for themselves huh? i remember going with dee to meet lame for lunch at tp delifrance. and then took 142 to school and found lianzy and puss. and we were all not really that scared. not scared even when the silly new principal started talking. only until we saw basket leong and he said ‘ok you all queue up one by one and take’. then my heart started beating faster and i remember i saw lianzy took her paper and scream and cry. and she said ‘i got 4As :D’ and then i cant rmb what happened but then i took mine and looked at the paper and couldnt register anything for 3 seconds. haha and then i started hugging lianzy and cried (abit la) and then after that it hit me and i was like ‘OMG A FOR LIT?!’ and i remember thinking about that. hahaha. and then i looked down at all my results and i couldnt believe my eyes cos maths A too :O and then dee got her results and we were like omg exactly the same grades. its quite freaky and cool actually :) but then oh it was such a nicenice feeling cos whole clique did so well and we ALL got A for lit :O :O and we all got many many As and Bs :) teehee. until today i still cannot understand how and why it happened :D and i only remember we were very very happy cos all 5 of us were happy with our results. but it was kind of sad to see people crying and being disappointed and i felt quite bad that i didnt really care cos i was so happy for the 5 of us. like we were always in our own world, playing, not caring, never study much. i remember that time puss and i went to jaya’s house and instead of studying we were singing ma de li and watching youtube videos :) and i felt kind of proud of ourselves too :) haha. looking back ah, it was really damn fun. and after collecting results, i remember thinking to myself  ‘see we all go lousy school but in the end results same as those who go good school :D’ hahah. uh oh. pride. no no. really cannot claim any credit for it. all by the grace of God :)

i still like to reminisce on 7th march 2008 (: bbaaa. heehee.


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cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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  1. meanie says:

    EXCITING? no.

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