riding the highs, digging the lows


church today was nice but i was talking to meanie throughout not really listening.

lunch was all budget with the save money plan. ate in the canteen while meanie was busy typing. and then we took train to school and ended up damn early cos pris was laaate. i love stoning with meanie. its very nice. its just comfortable silence, listening to music. and just thinking. somehow, i think we both have alot of things to think about. my mind’s always preoccupied with people things people things events people things people.

we wanted to take a proper photo cos our self shots sucked. and so i told meanie ‘i hope later at smu someone will help us take proper photo.’ haha and then this girl approached us and said ‘do you want to take a photo using our polaroid camera? its for charity, $6.’ -____- yes i know i wanted a proper photo but not in that way. but anyway we did take the photo and yes $3 each and meanie’s keeping the photo. haha. i should be careful when i hope for something next time.


and then walked pris & mean around smu for awhile. open house.

ltb dry run was fun though :D and then dinner with charmaine and my family. donuts & jelly. then charmaine came over to watch music & lyrics :D


very very very nice. the melody is the first attraction. the lyrics is knowing the person. i love lyrics (:


all i wanna do is find a way back into love. music & lyrics by alex fletcher and sophie fisher. ooh very nice.

played rockband :D hahah its hilarious. insane, funny. i love it.

night swim was very nice too :D                                  cross my fingers and hope.


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cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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One Response to riding the highs, digging the lows

  1. dora cora says:

    hi meanie (: ROCKBAND! i love it. i wanna play again.

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