i love emailing.

boingeee boingee boing:) i am so so so so envious of my father everytime i read his emails:P hahaha. it always make me reply the same thing. i want to gooooo:( hahaha. he says the church there the building very nice and european! whee. i love emailing them its very funny.

dad:the team building stuff was quite fun, we climbed the red wood trees that are 3 storeys high and jumped :)) with safety rope.all the participants in the group said that I was the most confident guy around when I jump :)))) what to expect, the participants there alot of old ladies and men.’
me:i want to gooo :( haha papa very brave like me if i go this kind of camp i’ll try EVERYTHING. why your camp more fun than mine?’
mum:hahaha ok, cheryl just like you! i got nothing to say.’

minutes later,

mum: ‘ay, you got pay attention in class not? all your horrible horrible accounting lessons on wednesday!’


and from what i know, my dad’s going to some small city this weekend, the place where inventions such as xerox, sun micro, intel and ibm happened. ?! haha actually sounds quite boring but noooo, still fun:) very fun. anywhere that is not singapore, fuuuun.

ok anyway thats besides the point. bazaar in smu is killing me too:( haha, lovehatelovehate. so many many cute cute things. pouches, clothes and err notebooks? haha. but i need to savemoney. for what i also dont know.

ok i dont know what im typing ma class is silly and boring and my email is getting spammmed.

so yesterday was a never spend money day (i realised) :D had facial:O and then ltb meeting at night.

oh i love the wireless mouse haha. and FOSSIL NOTEBOOK & FILE today very preeeeetty:DD


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cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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3 Responses to i love emailing.

  1. hahaman says:

    haha the emails between u and ur family so cute one!

  2. meanie says:


  3. meanie says:


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