idiots with iq deficiency.

ma & stats yesterday was just as usual. i’m so screwed for next week’s ma test :S and oh i got back my stats. and it’s okay. like yeaaa. and yesterday’s dance choreo was the most retarded ever. i have nothing to say to that, hahaha.

met meanie for ‘lunch’ today:) well we didnt eat and im super hungry now. uhoh. haha.

after that, plans to study ma today: FAILED FAILED FAILED.

all because some idiot popped into my gsr and mega distracted me:D haha.

emails with my parents are as usual :D entertaining (and for today, insulting). and the latest one goes smth like this:

dad: ‘the fellow participants all very nice and interesting, but realised many of them not so good in maths because one case study on “capacity management’, need calculation so they are quite blurr, and I helped out. it’s industrial engineering type pf maths, all these I learned when I was in DHL, so the others think I am quite “brilliant”  somemore many of them with masters degree from good USA univiersities (e.g Yale, Duke…etc) but they all social workers so more humanities type.’

mum: i’m impressed u can still do math (did u get it correct?) haha, better than cheryl tan.  why cheryl never inherit that part from you! then maybe she won’t struggle so much with her management accounting!

thanks ah parents, THANKS :)


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cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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One Response to idiots with iq deficiency.

  1. meanieq says:

    whale dresses? can we go bazaars and flea markets again? :D i went back and ate sushi and one whole box of grapes. you know i see the grapes right, the sign wrote 95c/g but i think i didnt see the /g part and i thought one whole box was 95cents so i happily bought it?! spoof.

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