i surrender to the strawberry icecream

yesterday was so screwed i forgot to blog about happy things haha.


church was nice, followed by a very very fast lunch with meanie at thomson. meanie gave me her starry starry shirt (which really does look abit odd but nevermind) and lent me he’s just not that into you book (: haha YAYYY.

walked to cathay after dance feeling like :S and saw dvds on sale. probably needed to relieve my sadness so i picked picked picked picked picked so many dvds. and then my parents came and my mum chose even more dvds (old old ones HAHA) and in the end we bought 7 (or 8) dvds yesterday. SO HAPPY, hahaha. had dinner with my family at nihon mura :)

i want moreee :D haha.

i’ve been eating alot of grapes since last night. and i wanna continue eating grapes forever.

and food that makes me happy.







About cheryl

cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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5 Responses to i surrender to the strawberry icecream

  1. meanie says:


  2. meanie says:

    and thanks for putting up doughnut pictures, just wanna make me sad is it haha. that was the EXACT SAME picture i used last time.

  3. meanie says:

    why doesnt it show my comments hrmph bye i shall sms you.

  4. meanie says:

    im very sure i did comment ): this is the 4th one leh haha hate you meanie. and why must put doughnuts, make me sad lor.

  5. meanie says:

    OOH(: yaye its working and no give, must return me and love you meanie are you going to meet me on thurs for lunch hrmph.

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