there’s a slight d.

saturday. there was the break-up which wasnt as nice as it looked like. and then abit of rockband. and cg was spent in the dark. we. were. observing earth hour. haha. but i hated cg in the darkness. made me want to sleep. and i hated talking in the darkness too, haha. strange.

met ma’am for breakfast on sunday morning :D very nice. very long never talk to her already. and then church on sunday. and lunch and shopping with meanie at far east. then i was stranded by myself for about an hour. and went to stone at the benches with zing and his friend. silly nus crashers :S haha.

dance was as :S as ever. i’m just glad that there’s gonna be a good break from it :) i don’t hate dance la. i just, i don’t know.

i bought a monkey dress and my mother called me childish :D but i like it. who says i can’t be childish! why can’t i be? hmmmmm.

the interview at 1130 was alright i guess. i hope can :) bizlaw presentation today was notverygood. firstly, i was laaaate. and secondly, i should never disagree with the prof. or more like, even if i do, i should never ever say it :O okay well whatever. hagendaaz icecream was yummy though and i felt like i was going to fall sick. well maybe i am. sneezing made my stomach painful. hahah.

ltb meeting was nice :) and just came back from queensway. a very nice and waste time trip to just do nothing :) i like doing nothing for no reason. i like doing stupid things to waste time.

and should i read my silly book? or rockband?
or should i do stats homework? or study?
or should i start worrying about my ma report?
do the choices seem very far apart? hahaha :/


About cheryl

cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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2 Responses to there’s a slight d.

  1. matt says:

    This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

  2. meanie says:

    is silly book my he’s just not that into you book? HMM.

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