Lo&Bl (:

Year 1’s over. It hasn’t really sunk in yet. But omg, did 1 year in uni just zoom past me like that? It’s strange, really. I can’t bring myself to, well, grow up. So many things have happened since I started school last August. Too many, too sudden. In some sense, I can safely say that I don’t really like change. But now’s not the time to start thinking. All I can say is, last year this time, I’d never have seen myself being where I am right now.

So back to the week. On wednesday, for the first time in our lives, on our very last stats lesson, we finished our in-class assignment :D Hahaha. Too pro already, nothing to say. Never listen at all also can refer to slides and INFER and do (: Haha, actually I’m kind of disgusted with (yet somewhat proud of) the fact that I’ve never ever paid attention for a single MA or stats lesson. It’s really errrr, a 100% never. Amazingggg. And for bizlaw I think I only paid attention ONCE.

So yes, had dinner with ma’am on wednesday night (: Twas a nice short chill one. Wheehoo.

Last LTB lesson on thursday ): Quite sad actually. LTB was fun, and everyone there’s nice nice nice and crazy haha. Lesson ended early and we ended up taking lots of photos. LTB’s the only mod this sem that I took alot of photos (and maybe abit of MA). Not like last sem, every mod take photo with everyone HAHA (: Was looking at my Sem 1 photos. ALOT. Haha. And nice memories, yes?

Met meanie at m&s for no reason just for a little while haha. Then met yinxi and we watched Confessions of a shoppaholic (: It’s the kind of show that leaves you feeling very happy and warm and bouncy after watching it. Haha. Then studied at some gsr for awhile with yinx while waiting for monsterrrrr.

Walked from school to Liang Court and we ate ice cream before dinner haha :D And then dinner and more walking. All the way to esplanade, with many many stops in between. I have to walk slower, i have to walk slower, haha.

And today was nice and peaceful (: Morning breakfast at the resevoir. And to NTUC, and then lunch at monster’s house. Pasta was very nice ok! :D I think I’m damn lousy la. ASHAMED KNOW. Hahah, how come I can’t do all these things that you can? Hahaha. And then study abit, and dinner at my house. And Mt Faber. We planned for bubble tea but ended up there. Who ask you miss the turning? HAHA (:

Last night and today was very very nice (: Haha, happy as a bee.

Oh and I have no idea what I’ve landed myself into, but I’m faci for BOTH bondue and ftb. Screwed.


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cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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One Response to Lo&Bl (:

  1. rawr says:

    nvm still had bubble tea in the end! congrats on getting FACI! :( uh oh.

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