here we go again

Good morning, beautiful :D Or is it goodnight? Haha.

Pittit day on friday started at 8 (: Went to Pierce resevoir in the morning to take photos chill take photos. Haha. The sun was daamn hot :/


Nice right this photo! :D Looks like we’re stading next to a cross.





Then off we went to eat breakfast at Jalan uh oh what was it again? :) Ba chor mee and sugar cane yay.



Wanted to borrow fast and furious from videoezy so we went to thomson but guess what, they’re all out on loan ): So we walked around and around ntuc and thomson and guess what our ‘shopping trip’ ended up with us buying 11 packets of tissue. Right after we left Watsons, I saw the Sesame Street tissue and er, I couldn’t resist? :D Haha. And just when we were paying for our tissue, I caught sight of the Fun Pack one and was like, uh oh can buy also PLEASE? :D Wheehee. So that’s how we ended up with so much tissue. My mum actually called and said ‘You won lucky draw ah? Why got so much tissue at home?!’ Haha, oops.


Left the tissue at home and played abit of rockband before going overrrr(: Cooked instant noodles for lunch and wanted to watch movie. Watched like only 20 minutes of death note before the dvd player went siao ): Switched over to ps3. We’re damn nooob la seriously. Haha. Then bang bang bang on the piano. Whee, haven’t played the piano for ages, esp like that (: Very very nice, I really miss these kind of days.


Then rotted away in her room until monster called and then went home. Watched one episode of iswak and waited (: And then zoom zoom off we went to Parkway (: We drove and drove and drove and finally reached haha. I’m gonna be a pro map reader next time (: Ate Pastamania and I GOT MY BAG (: Meow. Then we went to fetch pit from her tuition and she went home to watch her silly last episode of 10oclock show.

And then SUPPER (:




Reached back around 12 and we went to the poolside to talk and chui chui feng (: VERY VERY NICEEEE. I can’t stop saying how much I love night breezes (: Haha. We only went up around 1 and oh very silly we turned on 933 and just did nothing but listen to the yeayeayea thing. And we decided to be dumb so we sent in an sms using kkb’s name asking where’s good for supper :D Haha, and he said ‘choa chu kang, near yew tee.’ And we were like righhtttt (: Haha. Then zzzz at 2 (:

Whooo. I miss this old life; these kind of days, like how it used to be everyday.

Woke up at 7.30 (Why on earth I don’t know :S) and oh she came over and we started looking through OLD OLD OLD photos of Cedar and SAJC and all those secret pittit photos that will never see the light of the world (: Haha. And we started watching videos of our piano playing LT days and oh the graduation ceremony where we were all singing the school hymn. And there was the video that we took when we all hid in the toilet on the last day’s morning assembly. And we actually took a video ?! Haha, so so so silly but everything was daaaamn memorable and classic. And it brought back many many :’) kind of feelings. And we found this on youtube again. He’s the best, period.

Then we went to J8 for lunch (: Mos burgerrrr. And then went to monster’s house. The sun was sooo hot and the walk up made me so grumpy. And other silly little things made me grumpy too ): Haha but anyway we drove to get my JUMONG :D Hahaha, lover lover. And then to suntec to eat Yami and walked around more more and back to watch Jumong (: Heehee. So happyy. Cg was alright I guess. Meanie and I were making weird noises all before cg started and ALL BECAUSE SHE WAS BEING SILLY :) Hooo! Don’t talk nonsense ah meanie. Swings on the rooftop?

Sunday was nice (: Had core group bs in the morning on Eccelsiastes and uh oh, I scared I’m gonna confuse people cos I think some of them were confused after the study. But it was nice nice and gooood (: Haha, and Jaslyn came to church like finally finally. Yay.


Met monster and had lunch at fareast and then continued our Jumong. Gosh I feel so silly haha cannot cannot.

Oh and I want to work soooon (:

Had dinner with my family at bukit timah plaza and I saw DMC and tokyo drift. Wannaaaa buyyy ): But oh well, I didn’t. Why ah? Oh then bought churros and tao huay back and meanie caaame at like 8.30 and we went down to the pool to eat and talk talk talk. I guess we like talking about the same things and meanie we should meet more and do more silly things together. Or maybe do nothing. We can bring all the bears out too (: Hahaha. <3 And next time, you shouldnt even pick up. Just try ok? :D Haha. Moi, I’m evil.

Shall reply boboglorypacey now.


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3 Responses to here we go again

  1. meanie says:

    heehee very bad know, i think we were kinda noisy on saturday. eeks i bet you put that picture cause you prettaye (: aaand i know so much stuff yahoo.

  2. thycherry says:

    haa orh COMMENTING COS someone thinks she not prettyyyyy.

  3. bobo says:

    haha at your post. OH I MISS BAK CHOR MEE! :(

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