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My goodness. I hate the sound of howling wind and rain crashing down on my window pane. It just scares me ): Last night’s sudden strong wind made me panic haha. Oh my so silly.

So it was free cone day on tuesday (: Free cone day’s very very good! We ate prawn mee in the morning and watched tv till 11.30 and then we decided to go the the island’s most ulu B&Js for our free cone. So we drove to the zoo :D And there was hardly any queue at all and we got our free cones in 5 minutes (: Heh. Chocolate Fudge Brownie! Wanted to go into the zoo but decided to leave it for another day.

I love free cones (:


And then we drove to Seletar Resevoir(: Brought back many many many childhood memories of every sunday’s outing to the resevoir with the three families. Ian, Theodora, Sherilyn, Joshua, Joanna, Julianne and more and more and more. Of the ampang yong tau foo and going to our house. Of walks and runs down the lane, climbing all over the playgrounds, running up the orange tower, getting injured. Of seeing monkeys, turtles, playing, crying having fun. Those were the days man(: Sadly, it’s gone.

Oh well, anyway Seletar was nice, brought back strange and fond childhood days.

After Seletar we da-baoed lunch home (: Nice fish soup with riceee. And more Jumong until around 5 plus and then we drove to pick Justin and Evan from the Nee Soon camp (: Teehee. And off we drove to the zoo again for freeee cones :D Hahahah. Oh this time we were queueing in front of some bimbos and thought eating B&Js was SO BLISSFUL! (and so they squealed) And no I was never ever like that before >:( Haha. But it was quite funny. And after being satisfied with our icecream (2 cones in one day YAY:D) we drove off to Yew Tee (?!?!) for dinner. Strangeeee.

We went to some Yew Tee point which was just opposite Justin’s house hahaha. Ate sushi there for like 20 minutes only (: Haha. And It was only like $18 total for 4 people heehee, very good! Decided that there was nothing to do at Yew Tee, which was rather sad for Justin cos we were so near his home but he couldnt go home haha. So we drove to AMK Hub, and took freaking one hour (PLUS) in the car. Hmmmm. But anyhow we ended up at some Nebo place playing board games (: But it was very very funny. So yay, happy was me.

And that ended free cone day :D

Wanted to go to the barrage for breakfast yesterday so I woke up early early and made breakfast. But there was no car! )’: Hahaha. So we ended up eating at home and watching more Jumong. And I mopped the floor :D Wheehoo.

Tried to find a job at Sony. But they want me to teach. ?! This whole job thing is very annoying. Good pay good hours so what? Why must it be like that. I don’t want to decide at all. And I don’t want to do things that I won’t even be happy doing. Grrrrowl. But then, I still want a job. Hmm. Alriiiggght :) :)

And then was more Jumong until our eyes popped out and heads when spinning :S And soaked in the pool for awhile and back for dinner. Finally, we went to the barrage! (: At 9pm :D Haha. But it was very very very nice. Nice and er good view. Haha, and windy. But not hurricane-windy kind of windy. Hehheh. Oh which reminds me, I ponned dance :| Eeeks.

Anyway I really should go already (: Hmm. And I got some results back. Oh well.


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cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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