we learn.

In come the students, making noise, noise and more noise.

Mr Rama not here today? YAYYYY!

Havoc begins ): They start sitting everywhere, everywhere except their real place.

Test papers in front of them. You have 30 minutes to do your test. But it’s

Teacher teacher, no paper! Teacher, no pen! Teacher, can see textbook? Teacher, but I don’t know how to do! Teacher, I see his answer can?

Then out come the handphones and earpieces.

Music blasting, girls smsing, boys running around, everyone shouting across the class, legs up on the table. A crowd gathers around somewhere and the boys start watching videos on their iPhone. A boy walks up to the front and picks up a basket ball and starts throwing it around. AND, a fight nearly breaks out between two boys. One threatens to walk out of class.

Come on, it’s a test for goodness sake.

Noise, noise and more noise.

It’s pointless to say anything. And oh I’m not exaggerating at all.


And that was my very first lesson. Just thrown into the class, with almost no knowledge of History and how to teach. And yes I got a very bad shock. The worst lesson and encounter with a Sec 1 NA class. SPOOF. Haha and after that I was frantically thinking of how to quit.

But anyway, I learnt, and I was saved many times. The second class was also another NA class. Thank God their form teacher came in and scolded them if not it would have been impossible to get them to their seats.

Glares from all over the class. Eeks. But oh the second class was definitely better compared to the first.

And the third class was by far the best :D Tweet. Now I really understand what teachers mean by NA and E students are very different. And its not a stereotype! I love express students. Haha, they make my job easy (: And they are so quiet. Some even better than Cedar Girls. Haha.

Teacher what’s your name? Miss Tan. Prove it. Huh? Prove it!

At the end of the class,

You still haven’t proven to me that you’re Miss Tan.

Okaaaaaay. Thanks. And ok that was my first day at school. Hated them and I thought I could never face that first class again.

Anyway yesterday had the same NA class and today also. But oh many things saved me. Like teachers walking in and helping to scold :D Whee. And today’s temperature taking and exam briefing left me with only 25 minutes of lesson. And yes it was the same horrible first class. I was dreading it like crazy. But anyway, they were surprisingly mild and obedient today :D Haha. I bet they were happy that Mr Rama’s not back. Or maybe its just that everything is just better than my first lesson. That was a living nightmare. Gosh I’m still scared ): Haha.

Went cycling on Monday after school/work :D Wheehee. East coast! Nice and windy and I didn’t bring my camera. And I ate laksa and drank sugar cane. Oh so happyyy. One day I wanna cycle to changi beach again.

Had the tri uni interviews yesterday. And one morning lesson. Yupp. Okay, and I have only one more lesson left today. Sec 2 Express yay thank God. And their MT exams are tmr :D Yahoooo. And labour day on Friday. Yay one week will be over soon. Tralala.

But I have sore throat now ): Hate. And hate swine flu haha. Hope it never comes to Singapore.

Why do we study History? Because it’s a subject!


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One Response to we learn.

  1. ehnoneemes says:

    wah wike xiangqin’s class. hahahaahaa.

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