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There was nothing to do yesterday after 8.45 except wait for 1pm. Horrendous. But I found some entertainment in reading my old entries again (: Absolutely love doing that.

Left school at 1. Had lunch with monster and roger at Botak Jones :D I ate the mini mini fish. It was okay only actually, and they spelt my name as Ms Sharon on the receipt :O Andrew was supposed to join us for lunch but when he came, he was busy talking on the phone. And after he put down, he said was that he had to leave urgently? Haha oh well.

Watched Taken. It’s nice :D But oh the part where the girl’s on the phone and she can see the guys across and she’s just waiting to be taken is scary. If I were her I think I’d have a heart attack.

Wandered around abit after the movie and I bought 2 clips (: Wanted to go to Iluma but apparently we boarded the wrong bus so we just took to wherever and then took back :D Haha, so silly.

Met lame at cityhall at 6.30 (: Went shopping around for char’s present. We couldn’t decide what to buy haha. Decided to get her some jap-like pouch and earrings YAY. I want the camera shirt! Hmm. Oh and lame, I want to swop dramas pleaseeeee :D

Took afew photos while waiting for char to reach.



And the next one’s my favourite of all :D


And then char came(: Ate at Kyo-Nichi Ramen at Marina Square.



Kyo-Nichi Ramen’s very nice(: And not very ex. 3 of us talked talked talked. Mainly caught up with each other, talked abit about Cedar too. And oh we talked alot alot alot about SA; teachers, life, classmates, gossips, school people, things we did, from first three months to last day of school. All the little little moments and memories all came back. Haha, and like it was endlessss. We concluded that JC years were still the bestbestbest. So many exciting/lovely/fun/crazy things happened and we loved going to school everyday. Sooo, we’re going back to visit SA soon :D :D :D Yay.

It was veryveryvery nice and I was so happy (: Yay. And oh let’s kbox soon teehee.

We were the first to enter the restaurant at like 7.45. But we were the last to leave. Like at 9.15. Haha (: Got a cheesecake from Starbucks and went to esplanade rooftop and kind of surprised char for her birthday.


Oh and while walking in on the way home I remember feeling very scared cos of Taken! :X I kept turning around like I was damn scared that someone will come and snatch me away hahaha.

Oh well. Spent the whole of today doing the oral exam preparations stuff. Felt like I was back in GE haha. And I got a paper cut! :S Sooo GE.

Had to photocopy the english oral pictures/reading passage and conversation topic for the WHOLE SCHOOL. Haha. And it’s damn confusing and complicating, because Sec 1-5 all the pictures and reading passages are different. And not only that. Express, normal acad and normal tech all also different picture and passages, all from Sec 1-5. Eeeks. So after photocopying everything, I had to sort them out into individual folders. Each folder 1 teacher’s copy, 2 student’s copy, 1 teacher’s name list, 1 time keeper’s namelist. And and and like by class and days as well. Cos they split all the classes up into 3 and combine some classes with others, and they have 6 different days for oral, GOODNESSSSS, it’ was like veryvery super tedious and confusing :X All those black and white pictures and must be very careful not to put the wrong picture and passage into the folder cos it’s like ALL DIFFERENT ): And I was damn scared like I put the Sec 1’s one into the Sec 2,3, or 4’s folder. Or like I mixed up the normal tech and acad ones with the express ones. Gaaaah :/ But I’m finally done with the whole school’s oral stuff :D Yay. And they are stacked neatly into 8 trays (:



Oh wells, so next week I’m gonna be marking geog papers (: Section A and B for lower sec and essay qsn 2 for Sec 3s paper! And I’m also gonna be an oral examinerrrr :D Teehee. All students at my mercy nowwww. Haha, I wonder what basket leong and daryl lim would say if they knew I was doing this now. All hail me, the horrendous-marvelous (I bet they can’t decide which one it is) geog rep who was always accused of not collecting geog notes (: Wheee. Okay and I can go home now. Haha, very nice.

One thing I learnt: No one, not a single person in this world, will ever give their all to anyone.

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