too many photos.

So it was spotlight on friday after school. Well, Jumong and spotlight (: Got my mother’s day present! Some wooden handbag-shaped box. The kind that I love doing (: Haha. And then had programs meeting, which was, well. I don’t know anything about Zouk, or clubbing for that matter. No ramen for dinner ):

Went to the Fareast flower place early in the morning on sat (: Flowers so pretty! But there were no orange lilies? ): Why.

Spent the whole morning doing mother’s day present. My box turned out quite pretty I suppose. But it was still rather rushed. And lacking, in something. Hmm. Lunch was :D :D :D at Kuishinbo. Love love love.

Ate so much I wanted to burst. And I was super tired after that. But very happy too. Didn’t eat breakfast before that, and didn’t eat dinner after. Haha, my one meal could sustain me for the whole day. All we did was tv around and then had to go to cellgroup. I led. Hurumph. I think it was quite horrible at first. Like I didn’t know how to start and all. And everyone’s so, complicating. Why must they be so complicating? Meaning and purpose. ACK. Cg ended like very early. 9 plus. It was just talking in circles after that ): Followed by the how was your week thing. And then we had red bean dessert thing :D I like Julius’ house actually. The garden outside so nice, can have candle light dinner :D Haha. And we only left at 11 plus.

Was supposed to meet maam for breakfast on sunday morning but she was LATE. So we just bought polar puffs and took bus to church cos it was pouring and thunderstorming away ): Was supposed to XinWang with meanie as well, but we didn’t in the end. THURSDAY OKAY THURSDAY! Had lunch with burreeee at AMK. The nice HK Cafe with my hot almond milk (yahoo:D) and wok fried mee sua. And then Jonathan came and fetched us to his house :D His dog’s very pretty and white, but veryvery shy. Husky right? Mmmhmm. And then ate a second lunch there -.- I seem to be overeating these few days, REALLY. Kuishinbo and then 2 lunches? My appetite’s growing! Scrapbooking was quite nice at first, but got abit sianneddd after awhile. Heh.

Had mother’s day dinner at Raffles Place Coffee Club (: Nice and quiet place. I like the earl grey vanilla tea. LOVE IT. And then more ah mong-ing.

Ooh yesterday was Vesak Day! Happy holiday (: Went to school at 10 and then walked around Raffles City for half an hour. But there was nothing. Decided to a take a nice long walk from there to Lao Pasat :D So I did. Walked walked walked. And decided to take photos along the way.










YES OMG I’m so zilian I know :O And there were still many more photos eeeeks. But yes, that’s why I walked for half an hourrrrr! :D Yay, and finally reached Lao Pasat to meet meanie for her lunch. Yes, just like the old times. At Singtel, M&S, and even now. But it was raining when I reached Raffles place so I was caught in the rain, a little.

Lao Pasat’s nice at 11am. Not very crowded. Didn’t know what to eat so ended up with some super OILY fried carrot cake. :/



Meanie was grumpy haha.


And the fan was blowing my hair too much ): Next time I wanna eat the strawberry milk ice and the dried chilli frog leg steamed rice.

Okay too many photos. And then met monster and ate 2nd lunch again :O Gooooodness. Seee, told ya I’m eating way too much these days.



And I have new earrings :D And nobody bought them for me. Teeheeeeeee. :D

I like the puma watch.

And then it was planning Taiwan trip the whole afternoon before going for dinner at Kyo-Nichi Ramen again. :) I wanna

themepark big swing

themepark coaster

go theme park NOW (: Haha. Okay and I have class again soon. Uh oh, and teachers can’t use handphone in class too ):


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  1. meanie says:

    (: is it a good school day? where did you go i emailed you!

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