english exam zz

Invigilating is actually rather tiring and amusing. The school’s quite silly I think. They don’t give out papers before the students come in. They give out when the students reach. Which is very slow and you’d have to bear with all the noise from the students. So I gave out all the papers before they even came in and then when they finally came in, I started their paper straightaway, like 10 minutes earlier, to shut them up :D Haha.

Even in exams they can still make so much noise :O Goodness. And so I said, ‘If i hear anymore noise I’m going to call in the discipline master ah.’ Haha :D That probably did it.

I realised that students here can’t read instructions. Leave three lines after every question, in bold. But then 10 minutes into the paper I realised they all only left one line. I remember English paper must aways leave three lines one. So I said ‘Eh class I hope you all read the instructions ah. Must leave 3 lines after every question.’ Then they all stare up like as if I told them Mas Selamat was coming to visit them and go ‘HUH?!’ Yes, c’mon it’s on the front page in bold leh please. So anyway they all kinda panic and start asking me for new paper. Haha, amusing. Threeee lines.

Invigilating Sec 1 students here is kinda tough as well. Every 30 seconds to 2 minutes will confirm have someone raise their hands. :| And they ask the most, silly, questions. They ask all kinds of questions ranging from ‘So I write on this paper?’ to ‘Can I write more than 14 words per sentence?’ to which the answer is always ‘Please just read the instructions and questions and follow.’ Sigh. Haha.

40 minutes into the paper, more than half the class was done and they were all restless. Like super restless. They couldn’t stop making weird noises, turning around, doodling and all. And they even asked me to let them off early. Like 1 hour early ?!? Wah, then the whole 1 hour, I tell you, they keep folding paper planes, crushing paper balls and doing all sorts of michievious things. It’s damn tiring to be on the constant look out for what they’re up to.

After the paper ended was the worst. Hell. They were soooo noisy and kept running around and flinging paper balls and planes all around :S Huff puff. I wanted to kill them but I decided to just faster collect all the papers. Finally I just said that if they didn’t all go back to their seats and there was no complete silence I would just keep them in class the whole day. Hahah. Well well.

And their form teacher just came to me with a list of names like and asked me ‘Is it these students just now kept throwing paper planes and balls around?’ Haha and I could only say, YES. :D Tweet.

And guess what, apart from Geog, I’m gonna be marking Sec 2 Compre and English Compo oo. Oh the horror, the hell. I can’t believe I have to read all those crap. And right, there were people who handed up blank sheets of paper for their summary :O Oh well. Have to go for some silly briefing now.


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One Response to english exam zz

  1. meanie says:

    mas selamat!!!! nyehahaha hi meanie. dont be scared(:

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