nobody nobody.

BUT YOU :D Clap clap. Meanie meanie, come to SMUUUUUU :D PLEASEILOVEYOU.

Yawns. Invigilation today was quite screwed. Was invigilating nonstop from 8.30 to 11. And like the timetables were screwed up so I was late and I didn’t start one paper. Someone had to take over me! ): Very bad. I was running around and to the meeting room when the teachers said ‘Aren’t you supposed to be invigilating 1E3 now?’ And I was like ‘Yes, but I just ended my previous invigilation.’ Lucky someone else started the paper for me, late. Huff puff. Hate.

So I’m marking papers now :| What a headache. Ate some tuna puff this morning and oh I’m wearing my random yellow flowery skirt with orange dots and er, brown strips (: Heehee. So happy looking.

Went to the wake yesterday. It was really small and kinda, gloomy. A little. And then twas shopping with my mummy at Robinsons (: My C&K bag is spoiling! )’: So fassssst. Bought stuff. And went for dance until 9.

Marking sucks. I wanna mark geog, not english.


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cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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3 Responses to nobody nobody.

  1. meanie says:

    im gonna learn the Korean words in the song haha anyway clap clap why is it spoiling so quickly? thats not very good!

  2. mons says:


  3. Gloria says:

    haha NOBODY NOBODY BUT YOU *clap clap* naomi and i always sing and dance to that song…and a few other korean songs. she watches so many korean mtv on my youtube that it’s now auto set to south korea :S

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