back to the days when we,

Damnit, the NA compo papers came in.

Spent alot of yesterday marking. Marking marking marking, compre, until my head was spinning and my eyes turned watery and I really thought I was going to end up crying. Haha. Like some kind of allergic reaction to exams.

Watched ISWAK while marking (: And, finally watched ONE Jumong yesterday too (: Felt like so long since I watched. Haha. Waraku for dinner :D I like the udon, why you don’t like. I like the Shabu Niku Curry Udon what. There was a plastic thing in his soup and for some strange reason he decided to tell the waiter. In the end, we got the item taken off the bill (: So half a free dinner, still not bad what. Ate the Macha Shiramata thing too. Yay. But I would have preferred earl grey vanilla. And then we walked walked walked to the Coffee Club there. Grass patch is very nice (: And we sat down in the heart of Singapore hahaha.

We were talking about random things and then remembered that his grandma said I looked like her sister’s daughter. And we started speculating because both our grandma’s surnames were Tan. Hahaha. That would make us, distant, relavtives. Like damn disturbing, omg. But confirm not. So, weird :S Eeeks.

Anyhow, invigilated chinese oral today (: Quite fun actually. Every 3 minutes tell the next 2 people to come out. Tweet. And I heard Mr Peh’s back in SA! I wanna go back :D

So much marking to do. I have to mark mark mark now. English compre, compo, geog :/ Zoom, ok bye.

Oh, I think I’m a very bad girl nowadays ): Sigh.


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cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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2 Responses to back to the days when we,

  1. mean says:

    I want nobody nobody But You I want nobody nobody But You
    nan dareun sarameun sirheo niga animyeon sirheo
    I want nobody nobody nobody nobody

    (: we sing tgt k!

  2. mons says:

    I LIKE I LIKE. just dont feel like eating. then abit wasted to keep eating. ok i go talk to you now… :D

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