why’s it like this?

Don’t care, I’m gonna take a break and BLOG (: I realised I’m very bad, like someone always says ):, and so I password protected the entry with the students’ answers in it. I shouldn’t make fun of my students anymore, even though. Oh well.

Friday, saturday & sunday was nice (:

Wenta his grandma’s house after school to help clear up some of the old stuff on friday. There were lots of weird stuff like coins and medals and Turf Club tags, and a massive (and rather impressive) stamp collection. Haha. Spent the whole day slacking away (: Very nice. Rest is always good.

Saturday morning was change bedsheet and wash toilet morning. I wanna learn how to cook too (: I shall become more, domestic. Haha. And then we had lunch at lao pasat (:


And I ate my claypot dried chilli frog leg :D Yumyumyum. Then to Coffee Club to drink Earl Vanilla, and walk around abit (: I like the cbd in the mornings and nights, when its empty and windy and quiet.

Wenta Bugis after that. Bugis street, bugis shopping centre and Iluma (: Ate more haha so greedy. Iluma’s quite nice and empty. I like bugis (: There’s so much food and stuff to shop for at bugis, but it’s always so crowded!


And we saw such a long queue outside the toilet, it really looked like there was a toilet sale. Hahah :D

I saw a nice guess watch too!

Dabaoed food home and Jumong-ed till cg time (: I like ecclesiastes even though it’s confusing and, meaningless. Haha.

Had lunch with mean at AMK Hub after church on sunday. The HK cafe again (: But this time I ate baked rice yay. Next time I want the black pepper beef one.


Food pictures make me happy :D Haha. Went shopping for awhile and we stayed so long at the shop that sold lotsa cheap random clothes, like those online. Almost bought this starry starry shirt and a white dress. Haha, omg, shoppaholics ): Those people in the shop were damn, annoying. They kept coming up to us with 2-3 dresses and kept pushing them to us all the time. They were like, desperate, hungry for business. But I ended up buying a bag in the end :D No clothes, though I think the white dress is prettaye and the starry starry shirt looks big and random. Haha.

In the end I had to go back to change the bag cos of a faulty strap, mega annoying. And I had to take the display piece! After that monster picked me up and we drove to changi coast to fly kite :D :D :D

Kite flying is <3









Boing (: Enough pictures la huh. I like to fly kite. Changi coast was so windy and empty, there was like no one. And there were planes flying over, and the very very beautiful sky and sea to look at :D And chocolate cupcakes to eat haha. Yay. Dinner was at his grandma’s house, lotsa curry, haha.

School’s the same. Was oral examiner yesterday and today. Talking to the students make me feel happysad inside. Some of them are so sincere and genuine and they say what they really feel. It was like very real? And they’re quite poor thing. Alot of them talked about how they were worried about their studies and all. It was quite sad and I really hope they’ll do well. There was this girl who was so nervous and she talked about how her maths was very bad though she practices alot and she’s very worried cos her parents are overseas and they worry alot for her as well ): I tried to give them high marks (: And today’s oral also. Some of them are very frank and its funny and sincere. You wanna laugh cause they’re really so cute and you can always see how they’re trying so hard. But still it’s very sad cos yknow their standard isn’t really there. I really feel sad for them ):

And marking compos, is hilarious. When I first read I couldn’t stop laughing. I mean it’s a stress reliever and all.  But after reading 2 or 3 scripts you realise how bad they all are in English and you just feel kinda sad for them. Like why are they like that? Why can’t they even string words together to form a decent sentence? They’re really very poor thing. Like their grammar and vocabulary are all wrong. They don’t know how to use alot of words. It’s just horrible, horrible, horrible. Yet, very sad. There was even this girl who wrote 5 compos because I think she didn’t understand the instructions. So she wrote that she chose Questions 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. I mean, funny is funny. But its really very sad to see people like that.

It’s just so different from last time in Cedar and SA. In Cedar and SA, I could write in perfect English, with no grammatical errors and still get like 18/30. Here, the standard’s just no where near. Here, you can have a compo full of errors and they’d still get 18 cos you just wanna try and pass them. It’s just mind boggling, like why Cedar and SA’s standard can be so high but here, they just lower their standard until, nothing. And now that I think about it, those people that I used to think were not so good in English are still better by leaps and bounds. Here, I give them 18. If this was Cedar, they’d get like 3/30. Serious. Hmm, it’s just, I don’t know. Why like that? ):

I always think that teachers should just be more kind hearted and pass everyone. But sometimes, it’s impossible. And it really won’t do them any good. Like how can we pass them out of pity? :/

Okay, it’s time to go home and mark more. I promised I won’t make fun of my students anymore. I don’t think its very funny anymore also. It’s so sad.

When they asked me that question, I felt, strange.

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