Flying first class

I’m going to watch girls’ soccer finals today! SA vs VJ (: And guy’s soccer 3rd-4th play off on Sat (: So exciting, I haven’t done this in a looong time. Heehee.

Yesterday was very nice (: Went back to SA with lame and char. The school’s security is so lousy now. Anyone can just walk in haha. SA primary has this new big game machine. We stood there watching the small boys jump around hitting the big buttons. So cute :D

We didn’t get to see Casey and K )’: Ohmy. Damn sad. We were 5 minutes late! They left at 2.45 and we arrived like 5 minutes later only. But anyway, we had a nice loooong chat with Peh and Faizah. Talked for around an hour. Plus? Not sure. Very nice (: And when I told K that we were 5 minutes late, she msged to say RATS, she was really looking forward to meeting us. Hahahah. I, didn’t know how to reply ): So nice and sad, yet a little scary.

Went back to our homeroom! And oh we had a fun time reminiscing (: Do you remember flying first class? Hahaha. And the inflatable float plane that drove our chinese teacher nuts. We were so childish, worse than the students I’m teaching now I think :D :D Haha.

I MISS SA !! ): Bloop.

Borrowed KOTC from lame (: Hahaha. Brings back fond memories of Cedar days and oh, two of you, go check out precipitate-! Haha.

And then went for the exchange talk at night. SOOOOO TROUBLESOME OMGGGG ): Im confused and lazy. And then twas dinner.

This morning was a grumpy morning. I’m listening to sad songs now. And I’m gonna email all my favourites to her NOW. :D


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cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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4 Responses to Flying first class

  1. meanie says:

    lets go veejay lets go. HAHA(:

  2. thycherry says:

    HATE >:(

  3. meanie says:

    vj unite we show our might we show you how the Victorians fight haha okay lah this is nonsense(: huggg!

  4. thycherry says:

    HATE YOU. thats for cedar btw ): can we be on the same wavelenghth.

    GO SA, GO SA, GO, BRING THEM DOWN, BRING THEM DOWN. hmph. bye :D lovehate you.

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