will i ever.

Holidays are starting tmr (: School holidays. Or rather, work holidays :D Yeah. TGIF.

Tan came back on Wed and it really made my night (: Haha. Guess I wasn’t really expecting it. But happy is me.

Yesterday was excursion day (: Geog trip to hydroponics farm and LTA gallery. It was quite fun actually. But the weather was HOT. I made a friend :D :D Yay, finally. After working for slightly over a month, I finally made a friend, who’s a girl (hooray to that), AND my age (: And we were put in charge of a class for the excursion yesterday. Yay. Could talk talk talk talk.

But we were kinda blurr and didn’t know which hydroponics farm it was supposed to be and the bus uncle got a little pissed :/ Got two free packs of xiao bai cai HAHAHA. LTA gallery was nice! (:

I finally mailed out the thing to Indo. The stamps cost 3 times more than the THING! ): Baaaaa.

Who has rounder face?!

Who has rounder face?!

For dancers, technique is a tool. Don’t be a slave to technique.


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cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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2 Responses to will i ever.

  1. hui says:

    yes, it’s friday and i’m still aching and i have a lot of bruises :(

  2. p says:


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