So the last day of school was on friday (: I supervised the classroom cleaning. Yay to me, I have a one month holiday! Swam in the afternoon and then went for bash meeting. Yknow what, I NEED GOGGLES ): I’ve been swimming without goggles these few days and my eyes become dry and itchy and tired after that. Bloop.

My hair, it’s onethird gone ): ): ): I want it back. I want it to be long.

Saturday morning. I washed the toilet again. It’s become my weekly saturday routine. Actually, I’m slowly learning to enjoy it. Haha, really really. 10.30 at Novena starbucks. Sorry I couldn’t be of much help. I hope you felt better. It just was really horrible, sitting there, not knowing what to say or do, just staring into space, wondering why on earth I suggested something that, on hindsight, seemed so stupid.


Then it was lunch at the Hong Kong restaurant. And FEEESHING after that. We drove all the way to Changi coast and the sun was so hot! Most of the time I was quiet. Stared into space, called mean, and kept quiet. Too quiet, eeks. And then when all the fishing was settled, we played abit of cards (: I taught them 3 man bridge yay.


Next time, I promise to open my mouth :O Haha.

After that it was ahma’s birthday. And then Jumong, one episode only! ): And then, meowz ): Guilty was me.

Met mean again a little earlier before church. Church, lunch, dance. Dance was nice and cheery today (: Chilled with tan and chun after dance at Coffee Club.


Dinner at aunty patsy’s house. Laksa and orneeeee (: Just came back and oh I really felt like a mum just now. Me & 3 kids trapped in a room. Lauren, Megan & Christine. Being a mum’s tough haha. It’s tiringggg. First it was jumping on the bed, then demanding to be carried, then taking all the toys off the shelf (and slowly putting it back), then one of them wanted to do somersaults on the bed, the other started jumping around wanting to follow. It was ‘carry me!’ and ‘help me do a bridge!’ and ‘show me how you split!’ and ‘help me take that box can!’ and more more more. After that it was hide and seek and guess who was forced to go around searching for little ones hiding in the toilet? Then there was the ‘why cannot play this one! i don’t friend you’ (-.-) part. And the ‘don’t run out of the room!’ aaaand then the books came out and ‘read for me!’. As if two’s not enough, in came Lauren and so on top of all their demands, it was ‘uh oh is she gonna fall off the bed or put that thing into her mouth?’ HAHA YES YES (:

My next week’s gonna be busyyyy. Tmr and tuesday’s packed. Monster, maam, ahtan, contractors dinner. Monster, facial, clique dinner. And Wed to fri is FTB FTB FTB. And thursss, it’s gonna be tuition gang reunion HAHA (: What’s cls. Why am I the cls troublemaker?

Oh and I’m slightly sunburned from the fishing :/ Don’t wanna think about wed to fri. I don’t wanna be chaota please.

YAY its 11.15 (:

And I’m gonna be holidaying from 7-17 June (: YAYS even more.

It always seems that there’s nothing worth mentioning. Maybe this maybe that, I seem to not be able to do anything anymore. I’ve lost out to all the rest. Maybe I’m just making it worse for you. What happened to those times.

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cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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