Let’s talk about, my week. It’s only been 2 days. No, 1 and 3/4 days. Haven’t felt this busy in a long time. Why. I hope I don’t get burnt out by the end of the week.

No time to pack for holiday :| It’s morning to night morning to night madness.

Yesterday. Monday. Long day. Went out early in the morning at 9. Accompanied monster to taka to submit his time sheet. Recruit express cheat money right zing? HAHA (:

Hello I want fossil. FOSSIL! (:

Dabaoed sushi back and ate before he had to go to work. Oh I cycled to the circle line :D Haha. Met maam at centrepoint for lunch and she lent me her little miss birthday shirt (: Off it goes into my bag to Taiwan with me. Hehheh. Ate at cuppage what? Some yong tau fu thing quite nice. Then zoomzoom off to amk hub. I’ve been taking train way too much these days. SMRT’s sucking all my money away ): Met ahtan and she came over to my house to rockband & spyyyy.

Dinner with 3/5th contractors, ahtan and larry (: Chompchomp was fun.


Carrot cake, satay, stingray, satay beehoon (not very nice!), oyster omelette and oh sugar cane! (: So typical. But it was both their virgin trips to chompchomp. Lousiessss (: Hahaha. We ate damn fast. Like in half an hour plus.

After that it was liquid kitchen. The drinks came and then it was talk talk photos photos talk photos talk talk photos photos photos. Alot of interesting amusing stories of ridiculous boys and girls and boyfriends and girlfriends cheating on each other :O Many embarrassing moments and yada yada yada. Fun (:


So we’re gonna meet again tmr! This time, larry’s driving and they’re both picking me from school YAHOO. And then we’re gonna go to her house and chillzzz.

8-8 tmr. And thursday and friday. I don’t really want actually :/


Happy three-eyed monsters says HI. Yawns. Okay it’s time to bathe then meet my clique! (:


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cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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2 Responses to crunches

  1. hui says:

    we were really hungry luh! and CHUN’s joining us tmr too! :D

  2. meanie says:

    seriously you are so slow, i have no choice but to comment hahaha.

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