taiwan and phuket (:

Two and a half hours and it’s straight :D My father must be beaming now.

Now how do I even get started?

TAIWAN was funfunfun (: Lots of eating shopping night markets and to the iswak places haha. And watching all the nonsense comedies on tv at night haha.


Day 1. Early morning flight there and transit flight at Hong Kong. Only reached there around 3pm and got whisked away to the hotel by my parents’ friend’s chauffer (: Taipei seems all so, familiar. Its like I can’t help comparing to what I see in my dramas (: This place that place where they filmed this and that :D First thing we went to eat beef noodle at Taoyuan St (: Recommended as best in Taipei by the driver hehe. Actually it was super nice la. And then to Taipei 101 (: There were bicycle renting stations like outside mrts cos bicycles are like their public transport there :D So cool right they only need to tap their ezlink thing and can rent bike and ride around the city hehe. Taipei 101 was big and erm, spectacular (: Oh and the weather was quite nice and windy. The view from up there felt like the Bund. Haha. Huaxi night market after that, and our first cup of bubble tea. It wasnt so nice I suppose. I think other night markets were better. There were lots of weird food and I saw them behead a turtle and dig out the intestines. YUCKS. There were also snakes hanging there and yeah, mostly food there.

Day 2. We wanted to go to some Maokong tea place up the mountain by gondola BUT apparently the place has been closed for quite some time cos of earthquake landslide :S So we ended up going to the, TAIPEI ZOO zzz (: Entry is only $3! HAHA, cheapest zoo entry ever. Zoo was quite nice but they made me go into BUTTERFLY park! ): ): ): Zomg I was so scared. After that went to this Hell Valley hot springs place quite nice actually the spring/resevoir had water that was steaming hot and you could see the steam coming out from there! (: Pretty. Danshui fishing wharf at night :D Super super pretty!


Sunset wind water waves music and the nice bridge (: Walked along the bridge for quite awhile and then ate pizza and drank something at a nice bar place facing the ocean. And there was this guy singing hehe (: After that was Lao Jie shopping. But there wasn’t anything much to buy there either. Just played silly street games, won prizes and bought more food. And back in hotel’s always watching tv time (:

Day 3. Went to Chiang Kai Shek memorial hall in the morning (: The marching again. It wasnt so grand as last time. Haha. And then to Yang Ming Shan for hot spring. The driver asked why we were doing hot spring in summer and I didnt know how to answer. Why were we? Haha. Summer, hot spring. Nope doesnt really go. Haha. But it was still nice and I was in the private room with mummy and we could talk nonsense. Night time was Shilin night market (: (: (: The place with the shopping and the food. The crispy chicken and bubble tea and meesua and the chou tofu (: Actually most of the night markets have that la. But Shilin was the best (: We walked there very very long but my dad and brother couldnt take it so after one hour they went back. And we continued so in total I walked 4 hours there. And bought only one pouch. Haha. I like there though its so crowded and my legs were dying by the time we got back to the hotel.



Went to some big fishing port in the morning where all the fishing trawlers come in and dump all their catch. Big big fish lying on the floor stuffed with ice. Super cool la, they look like sharks (: And then the long windy drive up to Taroko. The view was :D gorgeous? That’s probably where the word came from. Loved it all. Spent almost the whole day there and then reached back Taipei at around 7 plus 8. Dinner at Miramar (: Thats the big ferris wheel shopping centre place! We took the ferris wheel too! Haha i think it became cheaper. And I think indoor swimming pools are pretty.

Day 5. Leofoo Village themepark! :D


That was out of Taipei. I think we took some illegal family runned taxi service there :D Haha. The themepark wasnt as great as I wanted it to be but oh we bumped into Ming Tuan (: The world is so small. I love rollercoasters and rides. I wanna go back to Brisbane. And it rained after we finished themepark. Such nice timing. Went back to the hotel to chill awhile and at night was my favourite, Ximending :D


I like Ximending (: Alot alot alot. The shopping and the.. whole place? Heh. Actually I don’t think I shopped that much considering it was summer in Taiwan haha. Good girl is me.

Day 6. 20 :D Happy birthday to me yay. Thanks to all those who remembered and wished even though they knew I was overseas (: So, it was a very nice simple sweet day yay. And I stayed up till 12 and got my first wish :D Went to the National Palace Museum in the morning where there was the jade cabbage and ermz, the jade pork?! :D Haha then it was Wufenbu which was bugis street + online shopping + warehouse x 10 :| Actually everything was so similar and crammed that I got confused and didnt wanna shop anymore. It’s like, see until eyes blurr. Really. Night was Shilin again but this time it was super super crowded! ): Really couldnt walk at all and it was total H1N1 breeding ground :/ Haha.

Day 7. Last day (: Went to Xindian in the morning. Bitan :D Some scenic spot where zhishu went MUAHAHA.


Pedalled pedalled and crossed the pretty bridge. I realised I have an obsession with pretty bridges over rivers. I really wanted to cross the two MacArthur bridges ): Haha. Then it was zoom back to the hotel and airport then off we went. Had a 3 hour transit time in Hong Kong this time. So ate and walked around and yeah yeah. Plane ride was fun and we reached back close to midnight. So tired, but satisfied.

I miss the bubble tea and meesua alot omg I think those are the two things there that rock the most :DD Yes.

The next day I zoomed off to PHUKET. Oh but I met meanie in the morning for a short breakfast. Haha. Kudos to the amazing me :D

Airasia (: It was like dragonair haha. Short flight and I hate turbulences.

Phuket was pretty I loved the beach alot alot alot. Pretty pretty pretty. The hotel was SUPER NICE, and the food was yumyumshiok and yeah cheap cheap everything there quite cheap :D

Day 1 was PITTIT’S BIRTHDAY! :D Then arrival at Phuket and lots of oohing and aahing at the hotel room. Very nice and new! Think alot of the places there got rebuilt after the tsunami. Somehow I always thought of the tsunami there. It’s quite obvious like the scars it left behind. Then it was nice seafood dinner at some restaurant. And then walk by the windy beach (: And around the pasar malam type place and then back to the hotel. Went for thai massage at night. Super shiok (: And then back to hotel again and hot tub bath yay. Talked talked and then slept.


Okay I’m getting tired so this is gonna be quick.

Day 2. Woke up early like at 6. Went to the beach to walk jog take photos then back to the hotel to swim. Then bathe and off to the 6 hour island tour. Nice scenery and stuff. Go kart :D We banged. Ouch. And then rode elephants! Elephants are so cute. Especially baby Peemai :D And then it rained. Back to the hotel slack slack slack ): Hate the rain. Wanted to go to the beach but wind was so strong. Decided to slack abit more soaked our legs in the hot tub. And then the rain stopped awhile so we took a tuktuk to Patong beach and managed to jet ski for 15 mins. The waves were so choppy and scary omg I thought we were gonna fall in and ): ): ): Super scared after that haha they called us back in cos the waves were too dangerous. Nothing like desaru. And thus I didnt get to parasail ): And went back to the hotel soaking wet haha. Swam abit again. Then at night was some Phuket Fantasea thing. Buffet dinner and animal show! Elephants and chickens are so amusing! And cute cute cute. But I was so tired I kept falling asleep haha. Watched Get Smart at night. The hotel has free DVD rental (:

Day 3 was RAINING ): Took boat to Phi Phi Island. The boat ride was.. ROCKY. Yes thats the word and it was really really rocking. The waves were so high and mighty and choppy eeks everyone had like sea sickness (except me :D) and the boat was tilting left right left right I really thought at some points it was just gonna, flip? Yeah. The waves seemed to be crashing into the boat and like people couldnt walk straight. They’d fall to the side and yeah, super fun and scary. Snorkeled at Phi Phi (: Snorkeling is pretty and nice and I wish I had perfect eyesight! Haha. Too much salt water went near my noseeee and the fish swim so nearrrrr me its scary :/ Then lunch at some hotel the food was good. Tomyam as always (: And free refill for all the food! Then it was walking around the streets. The rain was retarded. It came and went came and went in sudden downpours. The boatride on the way back was like a 2 hour rollercoaster ride. Lucky we were sitting at the railing facing out towards the sea. We could see the waves and well get fresh air and rock around. Men were shouting on the boat cos I think er, too high and excited already. Well it was an exciting ride. Back to Phuket and then had nicenice seafood thai dinner at some place again (: The food’s the best!


This photo doesn’t even do justice to the food haha. Thai massage at night again! And then watched What happens in Vegas. But actually I slept halfway through it. Haha.

Day 4 was nothing except wake up and fly home (: That was erm, yesterday. Okay I’m done with the blogging yay.


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4 Responses to taiwan and phuket (:

  1. meanie says:

    i just smsed you:) like i wanna see your hair and the two trips sounds incredibly fun meanie! does it feel weird to be back? like back to normal singapore not cheap blogshops life haha.. mmkay you’ll have a getaway and a sweet escape too!!

  2. meanie says:

    i mean WE will!!!! ):

  3. chrystal Chua says:

    hey pacey you know when i first saw the tomato man, for a moment i thought that it was tx wearing a tomato head. Haha.

  4. siemin says:

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