you wondered why,

I’m gonna be so busy next week, I’m overwhelmed.

Dinnersmeetupsftbtriunidancematriculationtriunicampbashmummysbirthday and what else what else.

I’ve no more time to meet anyone though like the whole world is coming back. No time for anything. I have something like 5 things to do in a day, and I can only probably do 2. Or 3 ): So that’s my next week for you.

Rewinding. Friday friday. Oh I went to pit’s house in the morning and we rotted. Ordered pizza in for lunch (: And then we went to marina square to shop shop for belated birthday presents  :D I finished my buying! Had to rush home after that, and guess what? I JOGGED.

Wow you all really must clap for me cos I never ever jog. That was the first time really (apart from touch rugby trainings and napfa and pe, but all that’s not even counted) :D I jogged only 15 minutes and veryvery short but hey, it’s an accomplishment! My parents were like, happyshockedawed. All because someone forced me to :D Haha. It was rush rush after that cos we only had 10 minutes to bathe and then 10 minutes to reach AMK hub. Lucky we already got the movie tickets (my father queued more than half an hour in the morning to get them :D) and 5 minutes to buy sushi and then the movie started. Just on time! :D

Transformers. What a guy guy show. Seriously. Autobots. Shoot shoot bang bang we’re all exploding. Yea. But it was above my expectations. Simply because I expected it to be something like AVP2 (which is, by the way, the worst show ever) so yes.

I love talking and playing. It makes me so happy :DD

Saturday morning. My usual weekend routine. Wash toilet wash hamster cages.

Went to SP to watch the Muay Thai IUG. Quite cool haha. Saw a few people there as well. Like amy teo (okay random) (: She was one of the judges. Anywayyy, fights are quite nice to watch. Then it was order in pastamania and How to lose a guy in 10 days.

More talking and playing (:

Today was nice. A good day. Well maybe exept for that fact that yesterday and today’s _ is 2 apart. TWO omg. I’m freaked out. How can this happen? How did it happen?! ): Okaaaay. SIAN, LIFE IS SO SIAN (Yes meanie I agree). And I got a headache now. And muscles are starting to ache. Yes, MUSCLES. Do I even have? ):

BUT things that were good today were many as well :D

Like, back to the new church today! :D First service. The building was pretty. Big and nice and the service was so grand and happy! I literally felt an overwhelming sense of excitement. HAHAHA. I dont know what to say except that God is veryvery goood. And faithful (: And He provides. And He’s working in our lives. YAY.

Plus crowie and rachel came to church today (: So that’s like, double happiness. Rachel’s staying in singapore for good and I hope they continue coming to cg and church! Triple happiness came when (omg) foldy sprang a surprise on everyone and came back to singapore :DD We all thought she wasn’t coming back till Dec, and that’s what she said anyway so I was damn shocked (and happy) when chrystal called today and said that maria was back in singapore and actually she knew it all along but maria just wanted to surprise us and yada yada. Anyway, YAY again (:

Had breakfast AND lunch with meanie today (: Your shoes don’t match. Breakfast was silly and fun at LJS. We bought the toast there but took the honey and jam from Macs haha. And were we just being silly? I suppose we were. Cos lunch was even sillier. We bought food and mr bean and went to smu to eat hahaha. And into the GSR we went, and decided to lie down and what, annoy each other ?! YES that’s how we are (: NICE RIGHT!

Dance was kinda slack too. SOE level 7’s a very nice place to dance, with a nice view of the CBD. It doesnt feel like some smelly old studio (: And I’m dancing for arts camp HAHA. Another thing to be happy about! We’re learning ryan’s item now so emooooo! After dance went to watch the Prague people and their full dress. Took videos of both Breath of Life and Journey. Veryverynice and abstract (: They’re flying off on 30th so all the best I hope you all win something for Indancity (: Got the Indance jacket already and it’s very nice and comfy haha.

Dinner at central and anyway, SHE’S NOT GOING BACK TO INDO TOO (: Haha.

Soo at the end of the day, it’s many many happy stories to tell. I’m so tired zz. And I’ve shifted the evil machine to my room so that I dont have to go to the computer room.

Isn’t it obvious? :D


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cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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2 Responses to you wondered why,

  1. meanie says:

    but i couldnt wear all black! i had to have some colour haha! interesting right? silly days are nice huh? makes life a lil bit better! megan is ME you can be fox haha dont zoom off ah!

  2. thycherry says:

    but what is megan without the fox :D nothing. anyway CONNIE LACE LEND ME.

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