broken rules.


Matriculation day, day 1. Scouting for bash contestants was quite, interesting. Chasing pretty girls and checking out cute guys. Looking, judging, deciding, criticising. And then we rate them, Class 1 2 3. So silly. BLEAHH. Okay la very fun. Yeah right. It’s tiring. And like the real pretty ones reject us while the ok ok ones say yes. Then one of them’s so cocky that it’s just … Like the one they are so crazy over haha.

Overall, I wish there were more pretty/cute people and that they would all say YES.

Then dinner with mean at Victor’s Kitchen (: We had no money so embarrassing. We were 20cents short and the stupid ATM machine nearby couldnt dispense money. In the end, the uncle just allowed us to pay 20cents less. Then we walked to PS and talked talked talked. Bumped into a few people too yay (: And then rushed home to take my medicine before the clinic closed.

Tomorrow’s gonna be another day. But at least I’m meeting cg girls :D

Pretty pretty girls and pretty pretty boys YAY.


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cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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One Response to broken rules.

  1. meanie says:

    LOVE YOU!!! i find another place to eat and next time bring you there!:) dont sian! connie will make you happy haha i love to see pretty girls and boys quite fun ah!

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