life’s like this.

Matriculation days are over :D All the pretty handsome people have been scouted. YAY.

The past two days were like, white and black. Okaaay.

Met the cg girls on Wednesday (: We went to Fareast and walked around. Basically enjoying each other’s company. Then to TCC to chill and catch up. Spending my afternoon with them like that made my day a little brighter, a little happier and a little smilier :D

I’m so proud of us. You know how hard it is to get this many of us out?! :D


Looking at this photo makes me want to laugh and cry. It tells a long story of a long history of friendship(: Each of us have our own stories to tell, our own times of ups and downs with the group. We’re so diverse and different in character that sometimes we just amuse each other and at other times, we just annoy the hell out of each other.Most of us grew up together. Some of us not. We might not even have liked each other that much during those growing up years. We might not even have spent alot of time together at all. Whatever the case, we’ve become such a part of each other’s lives in a weird sort of way, that life would be quite empty without them.

We’ve stuck together through thick and thin over the years and we definitely love each other now(:

Met Tan and Larry after that and chilled in some gsr. Lianzy joined us to learn the dance too. And then it was dance. Dance was very happy. I like small groups and just us(:

Yesterday. Jaslyn came to school to find me(: I don’t know why she came also but it was very nice and comforting to have her around. We just slacked around in the GSR, caught up a little with each other and looked at people’s facebook haha. I love hearing stories(: And I miss spending time with you too. After classifying the pageant contestants went to PS for awhile with jas while waiting for foldy! We both need to lose weight right?! Hahaha.

Then met foldy(: YAY FOLDY YAY FOLDY haha. I almost forgot how much I missed her until we met. Dabaoed dinner to her house and made Chrystal’s card(:


I love talking to foldy(: I love hearing exciting stories and telling them as well. Being with foldy brings out a certain something in me that usually doesnt surface when I’m with people. Maybe it’s just being bimbotic or being silly. Or being foldy-ish, and that can’t really be explained.




Then it was to the airport to send pacey off ): I hate goodbyes and farewells and it was just heartbreakzzz. Haha. Really.


I know I’m gonna miss you pacey.


(: (: (:

Give me the strength now that it all seems harder than before.


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cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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