mr. jelly is me

play me i know (: on the saxophone. it’s on repeat mode.

since im so bored and free now, let’s blog!

i remember one of those days last week there was clique lunch. i dont think i blogged about it.


clique lunch at raffles place tcc (:

oh i got my bids! like finally. after three windows! SO YAY. marketing, management science, managing people at work, ethics and finishing touch :D humdrum.

i like my new phone its nice to use. getting nicer.

the past few days. lemme think again. oh i was sick. i slacked alot at home with monsie monster (: actually we were both sick, and thats not too bad at least we dont get bored. slacking and chilling’s nice and we get lots of rest haha. but after awhile it just gets abit siaaaan. been watching boys over flowers too :D but now we’ve both recovered yay.

yesterday had to follow the pageant contestants around for their fitting and hairstyling (:

today was out with my parents in the morning. shop shop shopping. i get to buy lots of stuff when i shop with them soooo, i like! then it was haji lane and orchard central adventure. and i got two dresses muahaha. one for fun and the other for the wedding. but actually thats quite for fun too (: cos i can wear it.

i like haji lane and bali lane and whatever lanes there are! :D i like all the shops like doinky doodles and the loft (with my nice sleeve :D) and and and, many more. we walked into this random shop called heaven scene (where i got my dress) and it was some pretty arabian boutique cafe so after i bought my dress i got some free fruity drink (TWEET!) and we ate some nice dessert. like caramel pudding. yummy(: i likeeeee.


orchard central’s nice too. nice long escalators and there seems to be so many just going up up up. bought my second dress there too (:

the next few days are gonna be busy ): photoshoot, videoshoot, dance, dance, performance, ftb.

SIAN X 1000. i dont want to go for ftb!

i just want time time time and more time to do things i wanna do with the people i want. and i need to talk soon, if not i’ll become grumpy. i havent been talking much for the past 3 hours or more :S red cliff two. poof. its nice actually but my attention was just, not on the show. hahaha.

i wanted to go out in the wind. and i want to picnic.


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cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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