at the end of each day.

one week. i havent blogged for one week!

18july: photoshoot day(:

artiste manager = saikang personal assistant. or something along those lines. haha.


sneak preview of the pageant people! :D though not everyone’s here. but yeah, pretty hor the girls. after their make up and hair and gowns, i was like wow, now i know the power of makeovers haha. actually i realised that maybe that was something like a day in the life of a model. it looks all glam and nice but actually i think its tiring and not very comfortable at all. like taking the photos had to take and retake and retake and had to be careful or hair, make up and dress! esp since dresses were sponsored so it was even scarier. but i guess its always fun to be a model for a day. you get people holding your dress and shoes and bag for you. and people wiping off your sweat and touching up on your make up. and people running around buying ice milo for you! haha.

after that was megan’s birthday. she’s 4 (: and so big now.

19july: didnt go church again! for the second week. videoshoot day this time. didnt know it’d take so long and soooo many tries. most of the time we just sat around and talked, stoned, did nonsense like play frisbee and think of pageant questions. after that was dance. arts camp rehearsal. and then dinner with my family. oh i have two new wii games. but i dont really play them haa :D

20july: i wenta pulau ubin! :D ate swensens 1 for 1 at tampines mall and then off the pulau ubin. haha i quite like it there though its hot and there are insects and dogs. cycled to chek jawa. rocky trails and uphills are >:( horrid. but chek jawa was quite nice, and swampy. i liked the scottish looking cottage there. like at the edge of a cliff overlooking the sea. ice cold sugar cane was yummy too! (: after pulau ubin was just tiredddd.

21july: breakfast with pitttittttt!! :D coffee bean breakfast and then doing nothing around j8 for 2 hours plus. walked around and around and around. we spent $12 at the arcade playing silly games :D hehe. I LIKE ARCADE. fun fun fun. and camwhoring at the playground. and oh we found a nice picture for each other!



after that watched harry potter (: it was nice even though i never read the book before.

22july: breakfast with meanie at amk hub (: and a lazy day watching BOF. yay. i love lazy days. then dance prac. final rehearsal before arts camp perf. dance ended at 11.30 la. pooof.

23july: arts camp performance in the morning :D it was good good good. had macs breakfast with the dancers before meeting him to watch ice age 3 (: haha. and then another lazy day all the way.

and i gotta go now. (: night safari tonight!


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cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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3 Responses to at the end of each day.

  1. meanie says:

    one line too :) hehe. like yah, what happened to being five years old? how sad. ):

  2. thycherry says:

    haha oh ya one line too hor. WE ARE FOREVER 5 OKAY MEANIE. young innocent and happy ):

  3. dug says:

    picture of EACH OTHER ah. we wook the same!!

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