i cant think of a title

gaaah i’ve been neglecting my blog and facebook and what not. so im gonna be good and upload long awaited photos/videos (:

my eyes are stingy & dry now. haha. must be the wedding last night & the contacts poot.

24july: night safari with GE gang (:


night safari was fun (: definitely saw more compared to the last time i went. which happened to be like my 19th birthday haha. i remember we ate the damn hot ): korean noodles just because we were all under the influence of bof ): hahaha. its effective publicity for kimchi ramen i tell you cos it looks damn yummy on tv and you’ll keep craving for it.

25july: i remember frantically calling up my ftb freshies and cursing them when they didnt pick up (: hahaha. i think we went to tampines ikea as well. free parking and nice food! and then it was his aunty’s birthday and so we went for dinner at some thai coffee shop where the food was cheap and good :D and i think we ended damn early but i told ftb that i had a wedding dinner so i couldnt stay over for day zero. or something like that. haha. but actually i think i went over to his house to slack. and i was dreading ftb allll the way :/ yikes. haha.

26-28july: FTB RUN 3 WASNT TOO BAD AFTER ALL (: hahaha. i know i was dreading it but it turned out to be quite awesome after all (: im glad for my group. i love them, not in the rah-rah-we-own-the-whole-ftb-cos-we’re-the-best kind of way. but no i love them cos they’re all silly, retarded & amusing in their own way. & besides i think they were quite enthu already (given that their faci is like THIS) hahaha. anyway we were called pokerface sooo (:

there were many people there that i knew (: freshies & facis. like meanie christina teo pageant people triuni people and friendzzz (: all facis are friends HAHA. okay nonsense. blackjack was a damn guailan & sian section but people like mongseng & ashraf provide entertainment for me so it wasnt so bad (: it was actually quite fun in a weird way haha. like cos we three are so heck care about stuff like debriefs. gosh how i hate giving debriefs and eodds and attending my own eodd. haha.

but i finally got to raft too! (: there was a short HTHT on the 2nd night. and the freshies during the dancing night were.. not very high. haha. faci’s item was the best. seriously. the guys i mean. and oh i got damnnn dirty on the first night because of people like eugene tan and victor! haha. i hate hardened flour on my hair & skin. its damn painful to remove and i have to scrub and scrub till my skin turns red ): haha. final challenge was not too bad. i think being faci’s good cos it entitles you to walk instead of run (: and i got dunked in twice. or thrice. i cant remember. by stupid ashraf and the guys. the guys muah-cheed me. i swear i hate muah chee and never wanna try it again. sand in my hair is just disgusting. and everywhere else too. my shoes felt like a heavy sandbag hahah.

after camp ended we went taohuay! it was supposed to be a faci thing but in the end it was me monster mongseng jack and weixin! (: i think nicer like that also cos less people and so i didnt feel left out at all.

hmm both nights i slept at 4am and i was damn tired when camp broke i just wanted to collapse on my bed. thank God i didnt fall sick (: haha.

29july: finally a slack day (: after 3d2n of acting shiong. haha. watched bof the whole day (: and mostly slacked. i dont even remember what i did but i was still tired :D heh.

30july: i think i wenta his house in the morning and we drank clam chowder soup with macaroni. haha. and snacked on korean ramen (: yay. finished bof i didnt want it to finish so fast. now i feel lost without a drama. the last episode was so happy sad haha okay whatever. went to tiong bahru to eat some beef horfun (: YUM. and then walked around tiong bahru plaza. actually its quite hip. ehhh. oh then went to henderson waves (:

i like.


its windy and there are nice little shelters to hide in (: and lie down HAHA.

then it was to vivo for the silly mj flashmob. it was embarrassing! haha. where’s my gv ticket? HAHA.

dinner at foodcourt and then mt faber after that. mt faber’s my favourite so yeah that makes two nice places in a day (:

31july: went out with monster lame and ys to ion and to get jaya’s brother’s wedding present (: we ended up with a really erm.. interesting present :D facebook will have more photos HAHA.

watched public enemies (: which was abit draggy but not too bad.

1august: watched music & lyrics again in the morning (: haha i LOVE the last scene with the scores. then swam. but only 10 laps. HAHA. damn nonsense. was supposed to join my triuni group for kbox but in the end only yuxuan juanzhen and me went for the kbox. but kbox was still nice & quite fun i suppose (: havent kboxed in a long time. haha! fewer people means can sing more HAH. bleaah. sad case of a group outing la. then it was dinner at his house (:

2august: wenta church after not going for three weeks already. many people sick! like meanie liz kelvin lum and my brother. i realised i have no more friends ): felt quite lost & sad when service ended haha. and i seriously missed all the girls. poot. i didnt realise how empty it’d be now that everyone’s gone ):

WEDDING DAY (: jaya’s brother and dasao. reached mandarin oriental at 4 plus and went up to the room (: took a long time to dress up make up and all. pooot. why do girls have to put make up! haha.

the bride was reaaally pretty (: haha.

anyhows, the wedding was fun & i enjoyed myself YAY. plus the food & company was good. puss & et sang too. and we were the receptionists. and the throw rose petals girls. and also the girls in pink. haha.

camwhoring with clique yet again.



the beautifully (and deceivingly) boxed up wedding gift from all of us <3 wait till yknow whats inside HAHA.


a peak into the wedding gift. cant even really see what the real gifts are (:






pretty people in pink haha.




receptionists (: but they all slackers.


random shot.


lianzy i think the flowers make us look prettier :D


clique. the world :D


the couple <3

the wedding ended around 11.30 or so and after lots of photo taking we went to harry’s at esplanade to chill for a really short while. but we were mostly tired la so cabbed home after that (:

facebook is bullying me. i can’t upload my videos! two times failed alr. haha.


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  1. Gloria says:

    sorry man…but we’re all feeling the same kind of loneliness at each corner of the world that we are at. but it’s actually quite cool because we can moan and groan to one another and everyone knows what one another is talking about. DON’T WORRY. JUST ABIT MORE AND WE’LL BE REUNITED and we can do stupid stuff. I am doing research on tourism in Singapore for my speech class and we can do cool stuff that normal singaporeans won’t do k! :D I’m BERY BERI EGGCITED :D :D

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