run & hide (:

i was gonna wash toilet but then i dropped my nice flowery soap container and it broke into pieces all over the floor ): YUCKS i hate clearing up such stuff and now i got a cut! plus i liked that container haha. okay i was just gonna complain thats all.

had breakfast with meanie yesterday at ion starbucks (: why did we even go to school! ate some nice bagel thing and sat there talking. meanie said she was chatty yesterday haha. OH WELL :D we’re each other’s only friends right. so fun. but you have many many more now! haha. how can i make more meanie! ): oh and i hope you get your bids.

then it was lunch at his house. i dabao-ed. and i was very sleepy maybe because i woke up at 7.45. went to serangoon to cut my fringe. $4 only! and walk around at pasar malams and random shops. i got a nice big picnic mat now :D YAY. can picnic very often.

wenta barrage at night. my dream is to built a house on a cliff next to the sea! (: barrage is quite cold at night cos of the wind actually. but i like i like. i like the city lights and the nice wind and view. and the grass!

okay i gotta wash toilet now. followed by my smelly hamster cages. i dreamt that they mutated and molted last night :S YUCKS again.


About cheryl

cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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