but it was all worth it(:

i wanted to call this entry never cycle 42km in the rain or else you’ll fall down. haha (: or something along those lines.

but anyway that’s what i did yesterday! cycled in the drizzle with the cg guys and meanie. 42km! or more, maybe. it was damn tiring, but shiok. and fun :D and worth the fall and the aches now. maybe because i havent seen the cg guys too long so i miss them. or something.

woke up yesterday and saw the rain and haze and my heart sank ): hahah cos i really wanted to cycle. anyhow, met the cg at east coast macs at 8am. jerick & joel were first to reach. like before me. WOW. ate breakfast and waited for everyone to come. and then we looked at the rain and wondered if we could cycle. didnt really care so we waited until it became a drizzle then rented our bikes. started cycling at 930! (: took this PCN route thing which loke claims to be 42km or around there. think its similar to the sundown route or something. cycle cycle cycle. the guys are crazy. we had this safety prayer before we left and lucky we did haha. should’ve seen people like joel and jerick who just dont really care. tried all kinds of weird stunts and chased each other around in their bikes, ramming each other and what not. hello, doesnt mean you say safety prayer means can behave like that right! haha.

the weather was damn nice to cycle. after the drizzle stopped it was just cloudy and windy. passed many different parks and places like bedok resevior, tampines, sunplaza park, loyang, kembangan, old changi hospital, changi village, airport runway etc etc. got more but i cant remember. some parts were nice and wide and straight and could speed all the way down. others were just :S ACK.

everyone except lum and marcus fell. HAHA! jerick fell off on the road while trying a stunt. that was damn scary cos lucky had no car behind him if not sure gone ): and then people like joel fell while trying something stupid so it was totally deserved HAHAH. and there was one part at old changi hospital that loke had been warning us about like the entire way before we reached. and when we reached he was like careful careful and we all slowed down alot alot. but somehow when we went down the slope 4 of us fell off the bikes one by one. like some domino effect. it was damn scary cos it was mingtuan first, then me, then loke, then jerick. all one by one. like i never see so many people fall down at the same time. and i was on the floor! ): haha. it was quite funny at first la cos like all 4 of us fell and somemore we all knew about that slope and blah blah. apparently the road was algae covered and we couldnt see it. and like it was drizzling (it started drizzling again halfway) so even more slippery. anyway i think i fell into abit of shock and that was quite scary. cos after i got up i was checking my wounds and like people were washing it. then when i started to walk around wah really damn scary. cos my ears started to get blocked out gradually. like can hear less and less. and then my eyes also can see less and less. and even though i thought i felt okay but like my whole head was kind of spinning and like my heartbeat damn fast and my chest area felt cold. hahaha. dont know why like that leh. then i told them i needed to sit. and joel said my face was very pale. haha. actually i was just thinking am i going to faint? haha. but then my fall wasnt that bad what. so maybe its just shock.

my wounds are ugly and painful. and my knee bone hurts. like theres some problem i think. cos painful to walk. but anyhow we had to continue another 2 hours back. after that became damn paranoid. hate the slippery walkways and whenever you try and brake a little, the back wheel skids. haha. and so there was this slope that meanie and i screamed down :D heh. but its an accomplishment! cos when we finished we were damn tired. finished at 130 so thats 4 hours of nonstop cycling. and hooray to everyone who fell and got injured (: i think the company made it all worth it. haha.


bathing was painful. and so was everything that touched the wounds. 5 in total YUCKS. im gonna have more scars. and my voice is not back yet. WHY.

national dayyyy on sunday (: had church and then short lunch with crowie and rachel. after that joined the cg guys again for real lunch. we had thai express :D yipee. very long never see the cg guys and so it was nice to just be around all of them again. even if i was the only girl. well, havent felt like that in ages. and after that met monster and we got jump tickets :D then to my house and after that we wenta my aunty’s house for dinner and watched the ndp. ndp this year’s damn nice. haha. seriously, ndp’s like one of the few things that can make me feel damn proud to be a singaporean. all those propaganda community songs actually work on me haha. the fireworks looked damn nice i wish i was there. and i liked the army parts. haha. soldiers and tanks.

hmm and back to saturday. ftb group outing! night picnic at henderson waves (: we played monopoly for daaaaamn long and had pizza and satay and chicken wings. i like that bridge. haha.

okay and im off now. i need to bandage my wounds if not it’ll rub against my shirt :/


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cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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2 Responses to but it was all worth it(:

  1. chrystal Chua says:

    argh pacey i want to cycle! ): too cold here to cycle I nearly died the last time I tried. My bike was blown backwards cos of the wind leh can you imagine.

  2. Gloria says:

    hahaha i was actually thinking of doing the whole 42km thingy when all of us get back. as a improvement from the ride to changi, but i guess the cg beat me to it. ah well. hahaha. not sure if i have the stamina to do so anyway. did you guys cycle along the road or like….on proper safe pavements?

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