bash was a long time ago. but it was fun :D i liked the bak kuh teh supper and after that. and before, the contestant were great.

since then, life has been back to school, and school alone.

i quit dance.

that was only a week ago and it seems like ages ago. still dont know how i feel. i suppose it was the right choice.

but i really miss dance ): i havent danced in a looong time ): and i feel weird. and surprisingly empty.


waiting for auditions results. things are looking grumpy. HAHAHA. i see work work work more work. never read so much in my life. never tried to do be as diligent as i am now. 5 readings in 3 days. mpw learning journal. reading up chapters before classes. doing homework, not copying. paying attention in class. YES. i was never such a good student. maybe because now there’s nothing to do. i have nothing else i can do. sad. maybe having no cca is really beneficial to one’s studies.

vanzaar modelling was okay. the clothes are soso i dont think i’ll really wear them.

and ltb dinner on thursday was quite fun. pizza hut :D

but then, i bought purple shoes that are one size too big. i am so sad now.


About cheryl

cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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