inside out

over the past two days i’ve watched two movies! the time traveler’s wife and the proposal. both so nice (: both i like, alot!

the time traveler’s wife is damn sad. meanie kept crying and laughing and squealing ‘oh my so sad meanie so sad!’ until i want to cry but end up laughing cos she kept crying-laughing-making noise. haha. but really damn sad the show. love it. but i never want to be like that girl. haha.

the proposal (: very very funny and not very romantic kind but i like alot. i think i like the house in alaska like facing the ocean. everyday need to take speedboat to get to town. house exactly like my dream house. the way i imagined it- on some cliff facing the sea and then nothing (: hahaha. i wanna live in alaska where the sun doesn’t seem to set.

audition results out tmr. zomg i think my chances of getting in are decreasing by the day. 200 people only 35 can get in know! ): roar. and then ocip interview results also out on sat. so stewpid :D i dont know why we even had an interview. interview was on monday with oliver dennet and yanda. umm. it was kinda rubbish and we kept laughing. so silly.

marketing class yesterday was rubbish too. as in we didnt pay attention at all. we just kept drawing drawing drawing and doodling. played tic tac toe, bingo and oh, we wrote a song! :D haha.

um and oh i decided that im going to sign up for driving TODAY. like later. tired of procrastinating already! but so confusing. manual or auto? school or private? :O and im gonna update my passport also! yay.

marketing test next week I DONT FEEL LIKE OPENING MY TEXTBOOK AT ALL. maybe i wish i didnt like marketing so much. cos i think im starting to feel like abit like, aiya marketing can one lah. haha. maybe this should be like MA or MS, then i sure scared sure study. haha.

jump tomorrow :D haha. alright. i wanna watch fame, my sister’s keeper and bruno.


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cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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