recess week over ):

self explanatory title heading ):



batam day trip with bizcom people :D after many shitty days of planning. ferry at 9am. nazri late. almost gave me a heart attack. board on the ferry. went to upper deck. one hour of ferry ride. camwhored the whole way. stick head out of the window, i like. wind blow onto my face, i like too (: reached batam. guide picked us up. our own bus to the bridge. forgot the name but it was a long nice bridge! after bridge was go kart :D


go kart was okay. quite fun. but too many competitive and crazy guys so i just chill (: haha. after that was yummy seafood lunch! lots and lots of nice seafood. and then to harris resort for seasports!


first time parasailing very nice (: the scenery was okay only think other countries would be nicer. but parasailing damn fun! and then banana boat. very fun damn exciting. but we hit the water damn hard. head damn pain. then after that jet ski (: we were the only 2 girls (me and pit) that played all the water sports haha. brave brave us.

after that had traditional javanese massage at some er half sleazy hotel. should have gone for the scrub. skin would be smoother then, haha. ferry back was much nicer. bigger (: we played card games on the way back. monopoly deal! reached back 8.20 and had late late dinner. super tired. wanted to go frolick but didnt in the end.

the rest of the week, i cannot remember much. got some meetings. bizcom. tuition, lots of tuition. driving. sian. okay not so sian sometimes. on wednesday, supposed to go dinner, ben&jerrys and movie at night with captains ball group. in the end, the night turned out messy, didnt do anything except eat 99cents sushi with monster. thursday morning had breakfast with meanie. macs ordered at her house! (: rolling around on her bed this time and messing it up. thursday night, late night movies. dragging sofa into the computer room, watching shows (: talk talk talk (: wheeeee.


sentosa with megan (: such a peaceful day out. like so out of this world, away from the hustle and bustle of life. took the tram, sat the luge twice (with megan in front :D), ate new zealand naturals ice cream and we led her around sentosa cycling on a tricycle. cute right! then to KAP macs and then sent her home. out with clique at night. shokudo! there was this group of ladies sitting behind us talking and LAUGHING damn loudly omg damn irritating. ate yummy jap food and then went to the chopsticks memorial towers to camwhore and talk.

clique gave us our super belated birthday present :D yay.

i think im adjusting to the clutch pedal haha. i like driving!

school’s started today and FT ): omg i hate monday 12pm lesson now. so sad. class part is ridiculous. alright off i go now. gonna pay attention. yeah right.


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cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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