my life.

malacca the last weekend was fun (:

i can’t believe we went to malacca when it’s week 11. OMG haha. its like i dont even care about anything that’s going on in school. bazaar, projects, ocip etc. shopped abit in malacca. shirts, shorts, belt (: and ate lots and lots and lots of nice nice food! HAPPY. im fatter, im sure. need to run my pathetic four rounds again. jonker was nice, and trishaw (: oh went for the fish therapy thing. 15 minutes let the fish nibble my dead skin on the feet. screamed alot the first 5 minutes but it was better than korea. at least i think its better now. i wasnt as scared. that time korea almost died when i saw all the fish swimming to my feet and sucking at it. msia highways have no streetlights, which makes driving quite exciting. zooming down the highway is scary. i think the highest we went was 140km/h.

back to singapore and then bazaar. bazaar is finally over! (: YAHOO. happy and sad.

finally no more busy days with meetings and preparation. set up, booth duties, vendors calling etc. all no more! but no more shopping. i spent $60 at bazaar buying proper things. probably another $5 wasted on our own games and the japanese snacks. two tops, one dress, one bangle. and i got a butterfly necklace. I LOVE. wanted black bag and slippers but no cannot, cannot spend so much money. cannot be so greedy haha.

practically did the whole marketing report. i think it sucks. content not there one. how! 30% know, and my group has so much faith in me :O my brain’s full of fluff and what, shopping?

week 12’s coming. BIDDING ON MONDAY ): i hate bidding. i hate next sem already. i can forsee myself lying on the death bed drowning in CAT finance IEA BP. shit why so many math modules. numbers just make my life miserable. i want to watch 500 days of summer, shop (i have not been to my blogshop links for one week), and play pokemon.

OH and my dad came in at 6.40 this morning to say we most likely cancelling our year end beijing trip cos H1N1 situation there very bad. sadness ): i like cold winters and i want to go beijing! but quite scary cos i think alot of young people in china will die in the winter. stewpid H1N1. apparently the vaccine is not tested and cos it was made in a state of frenzy so there are weird side effects. like one guy who took it had suicidal tendencies until the effects wore off, and the best one is, one guy started walking backwards after the jab :O

bizcom welfare tonight, and bazaar AAR. another looong boring meeting ):

school sucks, period (:


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