strange tales.

the bidding story’s a strange one. and a sad one.

so its like, i bid for ABCDE and a backup F (something that i wasn’t really sure i wanted and thus bid very low for). bidding results out. i got ABCDF. so, it was good that i got ABCD, but no i got F instead of E. so thinking that F was my backup, i dropped and rebid for D because i thought i spent too much on it. (stupid move) then email comes in saying that there’s been a system screw up and now i’m forced to drop F too. so now i’m left with ABC and a hanging bid for D (which is super risky cos there’re only 6 vacanies left and i dropped my bid to something really low).

yay i think no one really gets my story but i lazy to type out the full names for the mods. too long. anyway moral of the story is: always be contented. see if it were the case, then i’d be left with ABCD and no F. then everything would be perfect. HAHAHA.

sucks. BIDDING SUCKS. now i have to wait till monday, with a possibility of not getting D back, when i already had it there in the first place. ah, not like i was the highest bidder also. i was the middle bidder, but still not happy. haha, see lah save money. save so much money for what, e$ only. not like can buy me any thing real.

so now must pray and wait till monday again. hahaha. sian.

watched 500 days of summer last night. at tampines. the show’s nice but not as nice as everyone said it was. maybe my expectations rose a little too high because of all the good reviews. but its real. like, i think so many people are like that today. DAMN BAD, just out there to play and cheat people’s feelings. haha oh well.

oh you know i read my sec 1 blog again yesterday. i keep having this idea that i was some kind of ahlian blogger who liked to type with broken english and wrong spelling. actually, not true (: i think i blogged better in the past than now. haha.


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cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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One Response to strange tales.

  1. meanie says:

    “see lah save money. save so much money for what, e$ only. not like can buy me any thing real.”

    GOOD MORNING! (: hahaha. stupid leh you. tell me your schedule again. hopefully both of us same days!

    study hard mean.

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