grape juice.

i ran yesterday (: YAY. everyone should give me two pats on the back.

then spent the rest of the day doing resume. stewpid, do so many things in life for what. in the end only can add in all the achievements in uni. all the stuff i did in sec school and jc, ALL NO USE. haha cos of the page limit. two pages only ): haha.

tuition boy threw a tantrum and didnt want to wake up for tuition. had to wait from 5 to 5.30 to start tuition. CRY AND WAIL so loud. and mother screaming at the back telling him to wake up haha.

night time dinner then drove to ps to eat the taiwan dessert. chewy shaven ice (: yknow what. the dbs machine swallowed my passbook. then this morning, dbs ibanking smsed me to say my application didnt get through because the details given did not match ?! like what did i write my ic number wrongly? ):

i am hungry.


About cheryl

cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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2 Responses to grape juice.

  1. bobo says:

    *pat pat* :D good job cheryl! hahah.

    home in 3 weeks!

    your days seem quite exciting

    my comment seems very random.

    see you soon! :)

  2. thycherry says:

    hi bobo i can’t wait for you to come back (: haha.

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