time and day.

boss bidding has been smooth :D

hahaha. 4.5 mods next sem! and no, not work and family.

saturday morning marketing meeting in school at 10. ocip heads meeting also at 10. played one hour of charades for ocip heads meeting omgggg. but quite fun. then marketing till 12 plus then lunch (: dhoby chicken rice! tuition cancelled! YAY watched secret (: then dinner with cg!

soup spoon at ion orchard. went to see the christmas light ups at orchard. very very pretty and bright. the lights remind me of the christmas deco last year at hong kong (: I LOVE CHRISTMAS. can’t wait for it! just being at orchard made me feel happy and excited HAHA.

walked down to cine and ate somemore. xin wang hong kong cafe. felt like a pig. then walked around cine more (: went into this random shop up all the way up at cine leisure. they sold penguin classics at $4.80 haha damn cool. and ancient phones at $119! ): i like.

spent the whole sunday doing MS hw.

OH SO SCREWED :D exams are coming in 2 weeks and i havent started studying at all ): still have MPW report to do, marketing presentation later and errr, i have to plan the bizcom retreat. no time, no time.


About cheryl

cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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