what’s my cashcow?

my previous entry was seriously stupid haha.

year 2 sem 1 has ended. time really fliesss. my favourite class this sem was mpw because every lesson had so many people to talk to online! and all from the same class somemore, funny ah. every sem like that, always never pay attention, HOW TO PULL UP LOUSY GPA? maybe should just yknow, build up on experience. but, lazy.

so the sem ended on friday the 13th, with the last lesson being mpw. prof rambled on for 1.5 hours about how good she was, but obviously i didnt listen. friday was pretty much a waste time day. had lunch at waterloo with taixin and jaya (i realised i should use proper names from now on if not no one will know, and besides bahn and pittit sounds stupiddd) :D HAHA. eh then went off to the indo embassy to collect jaya’s passport.

double standard! they let me in on tuesday with my tight short dress but not in my teeshirt and shorts! hahah. they made me pay $1 for the sarong to cover myself. like wth. went in for like 10 mins then came out, waste money. then jaya realised her passport details were wrong so she had to go back in again. missed our marketing research at 4 cos of the jam back to school, so had to wait till 5 to do it. and then like, studied the whole night but accomplished little ): booo. i always feel like sleeping whenever i open my textbooks.

had ocip meeting yesterday morning, then lunch with them at koufu. oh em gee i didnt know i had geniuses on my team hahaha. was listening to ben and huihan talk over lunch and was just stunned. their level of smartness just. makes me look, small. HAHA. ohwell. did one chapter of marketing and then tuition. YAY got tuition money ytd! (: shall put into my bank and not use it to shop.

oh and the happiest of all ytd was that chrystal is back! :D didnt expect it to be so soon hahah YAY you know how happy i am? had dinner with her at amk hub then cabbed to chia’s house for cg. like finallyyyyy i have my pacey back here and cg ytd was good and all. discussion was quite deep and quite funny at some points.

feel damn tired now, even though it’s 8.35am. hope i don’t fall sick!


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cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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