ethics, marketing, mpw, ms (:

wrote until my hands almost broke for ethics. havent written that much under that kind of time constraint for a really long time. brings back good memories of JC days, doing geog and econs papers HAHA. started slacking off once ethics ended. felt like all my exams ended already. damn bad! haha. went home, chilled, rushed through marketing, watching national treasure at night. haha oh well.

marketing today was crappy. like seriously. HEHE. finished it in 40 mins, and like so many different from jaya.

oh happy birthday dearest meanie <3

I LOVE YOU VERY VERY MUCH! may you always stay happy and er, loving towards me. YAY (: hope you liked your little gifts of happiness, poot.

lunch with mean at ichiban sushi (or boshi?) and we were damn full. didnt even finish it. gave her two fakey flowers, percy piglets and a posh brownie. then off to cut hair with the two of them. then came back, we three watched national treasure two (omg someone please tell me exams isn’t over!). then played wii. rabbids make my muscles ache alot ): ): HAHA.

this morning my father asked me what would i do if one day i was driving along the highway at 80kmh and saw a cockroach run across my dashboard. and i was thinking DIE SURE DIE. but then i said, oh no ah i will continue driving. haha shit. i realise i even panic in lightning ): HAHA.

i lazy to do mpw and ms. seems too far away.

BAHNHEAD get well! :(:


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cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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