yesterday was a nice day (: somewhat i suppose.

spent the whole morning playing wii and walking around the house with jaya. ate her brother’s rice cake snack haha (: nice. after lots of wii, bathed and then went out to meet taixin for lunch.

spent really long trying to find the beef horfun but couldnt. nevermind next time we just go tiong bahru or geylang eat ): haha ended up eating asian kitchen which really wasnt so nice. baa. and marble slab which was :D yum yum. then wasted the whole afternoon walking around bugis shopping. bought a shirt for my dad, which he says is now too big cos he shrank. he shrank?! or maybe he grew more vain and prefers wearing tight shirts haha. walked round more until we were too tired to do anything. sian. i wanted to buy cotton on shirt and bag. and charles and keith stuff. i want the card! went to tcc after that to sit down drink coffee and eat beef mozza tofu. perfect match coffee was nice (: and then bought jaya her christmas present HAHAHA. doraemon mousey.

then took bus to airport to meet chrystal and gloria to pick bobo up. we got it right, she took SQ! (: or like apparently there was only that one flight back but it had four different flight numbers. so it was T3 arrival gate 45. amusingly chrystal and gloria said they both came out from that same gate too. haha. fated. waited quite awhile and talked abit before bobo finally came out. GLORIA HAS AN ACCENT (: hahaha so weirdly funny (: T3 reminds me of the time we went to hk together. so nice. and i kinda miss that. glory said the next time she’s gonna come back earliest is two years later )’: america’s really that nice huh. so maybe we’re gonna visit her at disney world. hmm. sobzzzz. i won’t even be seeing her much ):

finally bobo came out and we stood around there talking for about 20 mins. i realised we can’t communicate properly. like we all talk at the same time and all about different things. and like we all never listen then sometimes gloria just adds to the noise by going ‘oooooh’ hahahaha so retarded. then she had to go home. so chrystal gloria and i ate dinner at airport’s xin wang hong kong cafe (: so much randomness again i kind of miss it. dinner was really long and then taixin came and fetched us all home (:

was supposed to play but, ): hehe.

i’m a horrible meow.


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cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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