roses are red

you know i can’t believe i haven’t really been studying this whole exam week (: i don’t know why so relaxed this time. i hope i don’t do too badly.

one more paper tomorrow: 5pm. sheer torture for the whole morning, i can just imagine. i probably will get restless after attempting to study for 1 hour. but no, i must endure all the way until 5pm plus another two more hours then it’ll be over (:

you know when you’ve been wasting time when you can’t even remember what you’ve been doing the past few days haha. that’s right, I CAN’T REMEMBER ): after marketing finished on tuesday, not even really sure what i did after that. i only know it’s not studying. i think played wii? HAHA sian. wednesday’s a blank too ): ahh, i remember driving in the morning. circuit for the first time! it’s, okay. i’m not very good at reverse parking. i just hope that on that day can pass. i know, i lazed my day away at taixin’s house because he was studying for AIS. haha and i really really didn’t do anything.

thurs, as mentioned, was bugis then airport plus dinner with gloria and chrystal. friday! (: lauren’s 2nd birthday. and day out with the three girls.

had breakfast with my parents in the morning then met deborah gloria and chrystal for lunch at novena. walked around alot before chrystal finally came at 12.45 haha. wanted to buy this and that. like body shop cherry lotion. hahaha. nice talking to them all. had lunch at this chicken rice place and then they all came to my house to play wii. i miss the randomness.

those lucky girls, NO EXAMS ): haha. they left around 4.30 and then taixin jaya and i went back to novena toys r us to get lauren’s present :D i never realised toys r us had so many cool toys hahaha. they had like hello kitty keyboards, mini drums sets (like srsly the real thing in miniature form) and so many other make believe toys. and lego, and play dough (: we got her a toy cashier set. it’s damn cute! it functions exactly like a real cash register thing, and can even open the compartments to keep money and speak into the mic and scan the food stuff (: and the calculator really works. was thinking jaya can use for her bizcom finance stuff hahaha.

then cabbed down to bukit timah. basically the whole night was spent playing with lauren and megan. lauren’s cupcake cake was damn pretty, i jealous. anyway, they are both damn cute and will forever make me sm:)e

twing i want online shopping again!

yesterday was mpw exam. it was the stewpidest one hour paper i sat for. open book, 50 mcqs (really steeewpid), after which we were asked to be held back in the SR because prof wanted to talk to us. she only came in 40 mins after that (so we spent that whole 40 mins talking nonsense :D) just to tell us how screwed we are. basically what she’s saying is we screwed up the grades for each other because we’re mean people who gave each other really low scores for peer evaluation. so she’s going to fix it (yah righttt) by giving us ALL, 9/10 for our reports to help us all. which means she’ll not even look at it or grade it properly. and yes, anyway, just stupid. mpw, the whole mod, is just stupid. who ask prof to fall sick at week 9. haha.

aye okay enough about exams. after that to raffles city to eat donuts and drink coffee (: then walked around awhile. dinner was at this shingthai palace restaurant. his parents’ silver anniversary (: and his mum’s birthday too. so there was cake, and lots of food. i liked the dessert. and i finally found hock lam beef (the one meanie was talking about) by chance because it’s on the same street. hahaha. and then i went back to his house, i dont know what i was doing actually, just slping most of the time. HAHA, then home sweet home! (:

really wanted to go for cg last night but didnt in the end. i think okay lah. at least i’m going for lunch with them today (: i can’t wait for exams to end tmr, i really want to shop. HAHA. i’ve yet to buy my low heels. i’m so happy christmas is coming (no not because of the presents). i love christmas! <3

i shld have taken the perfume that time uh. HAHA ):


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