happy bubblegum anniversary

this was taken a year ago, in hongkong (:

and this was taken yesterday! :D

see any changes? haha not much right, sadly (apart from bobo’s short hair now).

TWING, SO HAPPY. i’m gonna make sure we take lots and lots of photos before they all go back for very very long. esp gloria. didnt take photos on the day we picked bobo up and on the wii day (although i did abit with gloria’s DSLR).

had breakfast with bobo at the old village yesterday. tried the white orange coffee & my fav chicken floss toast haha. service was nice, good. it was abit different and anyway, bottomline is, i felt happy :D

like really really, i never realised how nice it was to be able to worship again with bobo pacey and gloria all there next to me. hehe, not so lonely anymore. and i just felt abit sad, like cos such moments like these very rare already. haha oh emo potato.

walking around with the three of them in church made me seem almost invisible. haha. like everyone (almost literally) was pointing to them one by one going ‘oh you’re back!’, ‘eh you too!’, ‘hey! you’re also back!’, leaving poor me standing there (: hahaha. ignored. whee. they three prodigal daughters and me, the good daughter who stays behind.

lunch with them and the cg at dhoby xchange just acia. not very nice aye. but icecream was good. then they went off to play, and i went off to taixin’s home. obviously i couldnt play ): it’s wrong to be playing when you have exams the next day HAHA.

dinner was at some hakka restaurant. my parents treated to taixin’s bday dinner. so early!! (: kay then to seletar to walk walk. then back home. i’m so lazy i accomplished nothing once again. but today will be different. because i have 8 more hours to study before exams. then NO MORE (:


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cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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