i’ll be waiting here,

and so, it’s how obvious that since exams have ended, i haven’t had the time to update my blog. HOW IRONIC (:

life has been much more fulfilling and eggciting since exams ended. this is the life yo :D

1st dec

a very fulfilling day, with lots of money wasted on, TRANSPORT ): of the 7 times i took public transport, and 4 times bus, i forgot to tap 3 times down GAAA.

woke up super duper early in the morning to make breakfast for the bahn head. (: breakfast was mega fail. no food in the house. wanted to make pasta with some thing. no sauces at all! ): then wanted to make oats. realised that it would get cold after i bathed, got ready, bused to his house etc. settled with just, scrambled eggs and ham. and frozen (well, defrosted) waffles for him to heat up. was damn scared it’d turn cold after bathing so begged him to come and fetch me over to his house. fail right? :S haha. stayed there around half an hour, before going off to meet meanie.

breakfast at hatched with meanie. the super expensive $12 sandwich with lots of bacon, eggs and bananas. still, not very worth it.

but, we didn’t get lost! :D

made our way down to ion to walk walk shop shop (: bought rubi shoes! gonna bring that to cambodia, i think. ion was nice, as usual! christmas songs made me very happy! new look, rubi, accessorize, charles & keith, muji, body shop :D hehe.

then train down to clarke quay to meet bobo. we walked to liang court. motive was to go to kino and audio house to get his present. kinda sucked when audio house said the 4GB one ran out of stock ): and then spent ten million years at kino, with pacey trying to help me decide on a book. ended up with NOTHING. walked back to central to meet glory and liz for lunch. lunch at watami japanese restaurant. it was okay. ordered some unagi rice bowl which was combined with udon. didn’t even eat the udon. so quite wasted. but the pizza there was niceeee :D

sad thing was, harvey norman didn’t carry that mp3 also. annoying shitzz. haha. was really panicking a little, scared that everywhere would be sold out and that i’d not be able to find the present on time. liz left then sarah came. and we went to settlers :D photos with gloria who can’t upload till the 8th. hahaha.

settlers was okay fun. as in, not as fun as the last time with the whole cg. i guess it was the lack of screaming. the beans trading game was kind of annoying cos haha, everyone wasn’t helpful and didn’t want me to win )’: HAHAHA. okay, no not really. overall, it was good fun and i like. we should do it again. pacey sucked at the animal game haha.

continued with the search for the present after that. we bused down to raffles city (and i forgot to tap my card again :S) and walked over to funan! thank god for funan the IT mall :D haha. managed to buy the mosaic mp3 player at quite cheap. and 4GB, and black (: and then over to raffles city mph where i spent another thirty million years trying to find a book. guessing this and second guessing that. HAHA. sucks. i ended up with a $20 book voucher, which by the time i reached home, i decided i’d rather give him a borders voucher (and use some of it myself). so i sold the mph voucher off to the nice zing, who calls himself my best friend now (:

we sat down at the fountain for awhile. ate ONE appleworm breadtalk bread for dinner haha. then went over to taixin’s house to pass him sweets and a nice cookie. HAHA. because he poor thing, still had stats exam the next day. then home (:

2nd dec

driving in the morning. don’t know why, suddenly my u turn kind of sucks. it was okay all this while, until, i don’t know, i started speeding at my u turns. HAHA. he always says i go too fast. lousy control of the half clutch point, or whatever. ZOOM, i don’t care, but should really brush up before january 22! :S after that was school. he went for exams, i helped out (no, i watched) the ocip mass dance. then to ps with jaya to get a box from daiso, and nice materials from made with love, all for the present (: took train down to orchard wheelock to get the borders voucher. transport is srsly waste money. like $15 of transport money gone in 2 DAYS. hello, i should shoot myself. then back to school to meet taixin. exams ended for him YAY (: ocip meeting for about an hour, then we went to hock lam beef noodles place to eat :D haha try lah. cos meanie say nice. it was quite good HAHA. then went to his house to take the car (:

drove down to queensway. walked around. some nice shops here and there. queensway stuff not cheap uh. walked over to ikea to buy photoframe for glory’s bday. both ikea and queensway DAMN COLD. haha, then to xin wang cafe to eattt! nice thick toast and teh bing. that building now has cotton on (: nice.

went home and over to jaya’s house to do the present. very very pretty blue box with the mp3 and book voucher inside :D and card! haha. aye, haven’t uploaded photos yet. camera not even with me now! ):

gave him the present and (hopefully) he was toucheddd (‘: like this. nice right hehe.

sleepovers are fun! :D can wake up in the morning and, disturb.

3rd dec

i exercised again! 2.4km this time. an improvement from my usual 1.6km haha. lousy shitzz me. after that was frantically searching for white cotton shirt suppliers cos of well, some screw up. anyhow, guess what. we got our supply of 150 white cotton shirts from a funeral palour’s supplier (: cool right, resourceful.

then to balestier. bought tickets for new moon, then rushed to eat bah ku teh. haha i had cravingssss. bah ku teh was very very yummy :D too bad we had to rush through our meal haha. new moon was nice nice nice! i like the werewolves HAHA. abit bimbotic but okay.

after new moon was lauren’s house! hahaha. went over to play with her for around 2 hours. was damn sleepy lah, but anyway, LAUREN IS SO CUTE. like super duper ultra uber cute. played those food toys, and lego, and play doh with her. and watched her play with the cats. haha. this is the lifeee.

after that went over to his house to sleep awhile. damn tired. and then was a little grumpy haha. dinner and then we had to go visit my grandma. she’s 90 haha. kinda old and yeah, old ): but she was still very cute and funny haha. her mind’s still quite alert and she says things that are just so, grandmother-ish. HAHA.

stayed over at jaya’s house then. watched 2 eps of full house. I WANT TO BRING TO CAMBODIA haha sadness.

4th dec

ocip retreat/camp. twas quite fun actually. anyhow, had to bring down lots of barang barang cos of FT dining and yeah, the logs. suits, heels and all. so cabbed down and YAY, could claim cab fare (: morning part was crap. just watched nonsense on youtube and listened to abit of briefing while waiting for everyone to arrive, then had to go off for FT dining.

FT dining was the most painful 2 hour meal of my life, i swear. posture upright, in skirt heels blazer make up, CONTACTS ):, omg what could be worse than that. had to maintain proper conversations and correct dining etiquette. worst ws prof kept walking around. 100 x stressful. food was quite good though. bread was nice (weird eh, it tasted like a salty rock) HAHAHA. chicken was not bad, double chocolate cake for dessert was two thumbs up :D :D i liked. then walked back to school. was glad to take off all those clothes that made me feel like a robot. happy to put on fbts and big shirts (: then continued. tie-dye was nice. kinda, red. but anyway, not too feasible so it was changed. anyhow, sports part was fun. played touch rug again. anyway, it only made me remember how much i sucked at the game :S HAHA. but it was nice fun, chasing stupid jon and yanda around. captains ball was silly too.

dinner at pomo’s ishi mura. ladeedum. i got nice sweets. then went back to debrief and was so sleepy and grumpy too. haha. then home sweet home.

i heard they were havoc and played drinking games till 5am ): kinda sad that i missed it, but no, i love my toilet and bed too much. haha. no regrets coming home to sleep. i finally slept 8 hours hehe.

5th dec

bobo came in the morning at 9am (: then chrystal. we rushed out glory’s photoframe present. didn’t have any time to print photos so had to do so only after finishing the frame. rushed to thomson to print and paste. then cabbed over to glory’s house to surprise her. turned out really pretty in the end :D i think she was surprised, right?

kidnapped and blindfolded her to lunch. she’s krazy when blindfolded. super jumpy and hello, she whacked me while i was trying to take a photo. hilarious when chrystal scared her too. so it was, ten tamadon (well it’s not called ten tamadon but whatever). she was really happy i think, when we took out her blindfold and she saw ten tamadon! :D

the crazy birthday girl haha this photo’s damn funny.

sat there and chilled really long after lunch. haha. talk talk talk. i brought my kite and picnic mat out but we didn’t go in the end ): sad. haha. went down to ps after that, ate some nice mango ice dessert and continued chilling there. we are such slackers. after that to spotlight to get stuff for ocip, then to chrystal’s house for cg.

money’s just flying out of my bank account srsly ): haha. first it was his present, then more shopping of my own, and ocip, i already spent $1000+ on ocip. SUCKS. money is really flying away.

we played abit of rumikubs before cg. and tasha’s still super cute :D haha. then cg was okay. did revelations 4. after cg cut gloria’s bday cake :D haha. meanie came for cg! after a really long time haha. and she sprained her ankle. aye i hope you get better okay! so you can go out with ben and dance HAHA.

ocip’s tomorrow :D yknow what’s the best thing, i’m rooming with jaya! HAHA yay. don’t know why they changed the arrangements but i am! and our buddy pair’s taixin and jonathan. so that’s the best. and i still want to watch full house there. haha. retarded.

I HAVE TO WAKE UP AT 4AM TOMORROW. zomg, early, but exciting. must bring lots of cameras, take lots of photos YAY.

and i have to get ready for church now. (: and pack later! yay.


just got back from church and lunch with taixin’s family. ate at the serangoon gardens pow sing chicken rice place. awesome :D

anyway, was lonely girl in church today. they all left at 11.15 and meanie didn’t come. but anyhow, that was okay too. i paid attention (: what really struck me today was the extent of God’s love. like how He actually humbled himself to to save us, totally undeserving of His grace. like He’s God, He’s the one who created all of us. so we are His creation. and yet He sunk down to our level, flesh and blood, yes like reduced himself to become part of His creation. whatever for? i mean why would He do that? i can only think that He loved us so much, He wanted a relationship with His creation. there was no way we could have known Him or reached Him, but He made Himself accessible to us.

it’s like imagine, you created some family of random organisms or beings, like lego people in a lego world.

or maybe, maybe you bred some stinky hamsters in a cage (like i did) and you knew they could never reach you, and you had complete control over their life. you could practically determine their destiny. pathetic aye. yes we’re probably like hamsters in a cage to God, living lives that seem aimless, like you know, running in the wheel all day, eat, shit, sleep. why then would you as their creator, want to be part of them? why would you die for them so that they could have a relationship with you? haha that’s probably the closest parallel i can draw. would i want to become a hamster so that i can save the souls of my smelly hamsters? oh no, i probably wouldn’t bother too much about them. haha.

strange example, but that came to my mind during sermon. if we’re as small and pathetic as cute little hamsters in God’s eyes, why did He want to send His son to die for us? i guess i can’t even start to comprehend or understand why.

yknow, i should be storing up my treasures in heaven before its too late and i end up with nothing. should really live for what counts, and stop all that shopping and materialism. SIGH. HAHA, random thought.

okay digression but. yep. nice (:



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