sleep debt

i owe myself a sleep debt.

new year’s day (: had brunch (it was kind of like lunch actually) with my family at some dimsum restaurant at chinatown. not too bad, not too bad. actually the dessert was nice and i was really really full. went over to his house and spent from like 1-5pm sleeping. like i was trying to sleep and all but i couldnt really. he slept like all the way till 4 or 4 plus. then prep to go out. came home and showered and then back to his house to walk summer. and feed her. then we left (:

met lynette, yins, jon and christina at brewerkz (: picked up lynette’s bday cake before that but stupid jon went to tell her. so it wasn’t a surprise anymore. hahah. anyway it wasn’t really meant to be lah. dinner at brewerkz was nice. my pasta was overly green though. it was such a turn off i had to swop with him :S hahaha. i should have ordered something else, not beer. beer isn’t even nice! but dinner was fun (: finished at around 9 plus and wanted to have icecream. but decided that we’d buy it back to jon’s house so we split 3 different directions and drove over to jon’s house to play wii. rabbids and rockband’s the best :D we played till nearly 12 and then celebrated lynette’s bday.

celebration was fail. as in not really, haha. but we took nearly half an hour to light the candles. and we forced lynette to sit in the room and pretend not to know :D but anyway we really couldn’t find proper lighter. we had two that didn’t work. and we were writing her card like when she was there. it looked super kiddy somemore. heh. oh and we drew paper plate faces of people who were not there but we supposedly decided to ‘invite’. like oliver, dennet, jaya, sarah and what JETHRA. hahaha. we were only ready at like 12.30! HAHA, half an hour after midnight. fail right. it was silly, the whole thing (: but fun. i enjoyed. and the cake was yummy too. after eating and all went back to playing and played till 2am then drove home.

that’s why i said sleep debt. cos like only slept near 4am. 3 plus lah. and i woke up at 10.20 this morning. proud of myself yo (:

today was another one of those days. he had soccer in the morning and then we had lunch at his house. then watched dramas and rested. then we brought summer over to chrystal’s house to play with tasha. small dogs are seriously silly. haha they cannot click with each other, i conclude. so after awhile of trying to intimidate each other, they gave up and just stoned by themselves. but i think they liked it. as in had abit of fun. i supposed they did play a little. and four of us just played rumikubs. a really long game.

then cg at my house (: attendance was WOW. 17 people, record breaking since dont know when (: and yes, bobo chrystal lizchay and sarah chan was there. really, the most number of girls i’ve seen in cg in at least half a year. FIVE GIRLS, cheers to that. hahaha. sharing and testimonies was nice (: and alot of talking. i concluded i’m just a misfit cos seriously, it’s hard to fit into a group of like 11 guys that all share common experiences and interests (ie soccer and army (but not anymore) -.-). and all the girls are overseas and all talk about overseas things that don’t really make sense to me. so it’s just me and myself (: lonely lonely. but it’s really fine. sometimes i wonder how i pull through. but i just do. i somehow manage to, and on top of that, i still love my cg alot (:

OKAY, i need to sleep (:


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cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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