here we go again.


i can just feel the evil aura of people mugging around me. BIG FAT SIGH. week 1 only pls, and as i’m blogging this in the bizcom room, THERE ARE PEOPLE STUDYING ALREADY. what on earth can they be studying?!

so the last day of holidays was like that. had driving in the morning and for once, i didn’t stumble at the slope :D hooray. after driving was lunch at his house & drama watching! we were thinking of something fun to do the whole day so we wouldn’t waste our last day of holiday haha. so, decided we would bring megan out for awhile. haha. wanted to go to the jacob ballas children’s park OR discovery centre but both were closed on monday. sooo, we went to megan’s house, picked her up and drove over to lauren’s house. HAHA. so we ended up bringing megan to play with lauren. and then we brought them to holland v to eat frolick. seriously cute lah. lauren liked all the ice cream and megan didnt like it. she only liked the marshmallows. and then we brought them to the playground to play for awhile and then i had to go. dropped megan off back home and then tuition!

tuition was okay. boy was lazy so we had one hour only. didn’t know can like that one. his mum seriously gives in to him too much. like i reached at 5 and he was napping his mum just let him take his time. tuition started at 5.30 and ended at 6.30 cos his mum said he tired so tuition one hour only, then next lesson two hours. hahaha. after tuition was waiting for him to fetch me. i was looking for a dustbin so i got up from sitting at the porch to look for one. and this crazy old indian man who was sitting at some table said happy new year. and i ignored at first but he kept calling me and wanted to shake my hand. it was damn weird. i kept refusing but he said lots of things like cant i even have a handshake? so i shook his hand (what if i get diseased ): haha) and then he started asking me to sit. and omg i cant believe i sat and he said some nonsense to me. lucky one boy who was there went in and got the mother out to save me. and she made me wait inside. BOO. i’m never talking to crazy drunkards again. seriously why did i even respond?

then dinner at ion (: nice taiwan noodles. i’m going back there to eat again! then shopped abit. he bought me a shirt from pull and bear. completely random. as in those plain tank tops. then we walked to borders and we bought books with his voucher. i bought a bimbotic little black dress book and he bought er, some book. not nice one HAHAHA.

and then my pri school friends were supposed to come over at 10. to chill. SUPER RANDOM PLS. they wanted to meet and all. but in the end they decided it was too late so we’re gonna change date. really weird. like i havent met them in 6 years at least. and it’s only 3 of them. last time we not even close. so so, weird. haha.

i wanna read now.

pls remind me to get my mdm, finance and CAT textbook. pls remind me to sell my textbooks too. remind me to start CAT assignment early (OMG SOB SOB SOB I CANNOT UNDERSTAND )’:), and remind me to do AND submit my mdm homework. and pls remind me to start. just start.

PITTIT COMING HOME TONIGHT! :D and im going to fetch her hahaha.


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