overall, i feel screwed for this sem.

be it BP, EM, finance or CAT. even MDM’s not that great D:

this is by far the worst sem i think. my attention span for classes are getting shorter and shorter. and so much math to digest. oh em gee please. i must pull through.

come on, PV, FV, PMT, IRR, index, match, vlookup, lookup, payment, NPV, annuity PV, bond value, service rate, process time, arrival rate, coefficient of variation.


alright. the one and only thing i feel proud of is that yesterday, i paid 100% attention in finance class, and i understood almost everything. almost (: (: (: so proud of myself. i should slap myself for not paying attention the past 3 lessons ):

i’m trying to pay attention in BP now. sucks sucks sucks.

so my rashes came back on tuesday night. sadness. ytd night dinner with ocip gang at curry favor (: then dessert at shokudo and back to school to chill at smusa lunchtalk (: they bought beer, i didnt.

indancity concert this sat :D i’m so looking forward to it. and emix! and cny, and vday.

and not mid terms ):


About cheryl

cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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