ooh ooh, i know!

here i am again.

today i reached bp class half an hour late. champion (: we both strolled in with soya bean and fried chicken. hmm. BORING.

interviewed my dad for one of our projects on monday afternoon. then toa payoh central (: i like the dress shop there. and i wanna buy. so many things. i made a wish list in my phone already! haha, shirts from the box uniqlo black jacket fossil wristlet fossil watch strap swatch watch (why so many watches?!) light denim shorts crop top baggy shirt black pumps new necklace diva hairband (or just hairband) :/

anyway, something really stupid happened with summer. we brought her to bishan stadium on monday evening. he went to run and i brought her to the park connector to walk. as always, she was reluctant to leave him and always looked back and resisted and pulled. BUT, that day, she was being even more retarded than usual. as we were walking along the park connector, we passed by at least 5 young guys jogging. thinking that they were all taixin, she ran after each other them. very furiously and in a very erm, agitated manner. not jogging ladies or jogging old men know. jogging young men. STUPID. i conclude, she does not recogniser her owner at all. but then again, she must have been quite smart to figure out that her owner was jogging. and that he was a young man too :D hurhur. SUMMER IS STUPID.

last mdm class on tuesday (: finally 6 weeks over. not a single week were we on time. and not guilty about it at all. and CAT as usual, was bad. the guy seems to be speaking alien all the time :S rushed off to ion after CAT to meet pacey. shopped with pacey for awhile before meeting uh, the most irritating person in the world <3

walked around ion in search of mugs and soft toys. in the end, went to forum and got everything there (: then, I REALLY WANTED TO SEE but he told me cannot kaypoh haha. ;D then dinner and back to my houseeeee. oh and we swam at 10pm haha.

went to skin doctor in the morning on wednesday. she said the medicine’s working well on my face so better pray that it isn’t the cause of the rashes :S if not, wasted. hopefully, hopefully. then we went to citylink mall to study mdm while waiting for SOUPerlicious to open (: actually the food’s not that nice at all. hrmph. then rushed to feenance class haha. i paid attention again, and concluded that I REALLY SUCK AT FINANCE >:(

sad. i am really going to fail mid terms.

studied mdm awhile then bobo dropped by smu to pass me stuff (: nice stuff! moroccan rose perfume from body shop. so sweet! <3 haha thanks bobo! i like i like i like. but actually it ended up quite tragic. cos he got for me also. now, i have to buy over from him and he’ll have to think of something else ):

then rushed to ps to buy stuff for meanie and doreen for emix (: i didnt buy real flowers again. and i got the carebear! apple carebear’s cute! and i also bought a dress for pittit. super rushed, just anyhow buy haha. IT’S NICE! i also like.

emix concert at night with ocip gang. ate chicken rice at sin swee kee. haha damn oily. but quite nice. and you know, hock lam closed down? ): anw, then went to NLB to queue first. got quite good seats. emix concert was nice! meanie you danced well and i liked your solos! (: and i like emix it’s so happy and cute, makes me wanna dance too.

then went back to school to collect the i love cedar bags. HAHA retarded. gave one to pittit, together with the dress, as vday present :D and then took bus home. I AM SLEEPY AGAIN. slept at 1.30 last night. and before that 2am the previous night.

i’m gonna be so bored today. no one to irritate. and nothing to do till like 10pm. i don’t even wanna go to class later ):


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cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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