i just finished preparing the outline for my kj bible story this sunday :D hehe but now i have to think of how to tell the story in an interesting way. scaryyyy what if its boring and i screw up haha.

FINANCE MIDTERMS OVER TODAY! still have cat and bp to go but, finally have some time to update (: yay.

chinese new year this year wasn’t too bad (: angbao collection was goooood hahaha.

valentines day ♥ he came to my house at around 3.30 and gave me my presents. a dozen red roses (plus two soft toy roses) and citigems necklace! HEHEHE. he wrapped the roses himself know, my mum was super impressed. my roses look really pretty hanging upside down in my room now. i wanna dry it! ooh but my necklace looks prettier haha. and then i gave him his present. it was placed nicely on the floor of my room and i brought him in, asked him to open his eyes. he wore the uniqlo shirt straight away. but i think he likes the tumbler best :D haha.

then we drove off to changi. wanted to go to secret spot but had no time in the end. so we ended up at changi airport. took skytrain and walked around. then to starbucks. he used his voucher there (: but couldnt stay long. had to leave at 5.30. went to his aunty’s house to drop by say hi (and collect angbao!). played abit of wii, then we left at 7.15.

dinner was at clarke quay (: by the time we reached and decided where to eat it was 8.30. ate mr curry! some jap place that’s like under waraku. and ate the dessert stick cakes. YUMMY YUM YUM. then after that walked all the way to esplanade (: and then bus homeeee. jon was supposed to drop by to say hi too, but just when i was ready to go down, he had to go home. wasted.

day two of chinese new year was a whole day of visiting. morning was to uncle bt and aunty diana’s house. new house! their house is super super nice. i love the jacuzzi pool! and the rooftop garden, romantic romantic! their neighbour has this super humongous and cute chow chow. looks like a tiny lion HEHE. after that was to his grandma’s house for lunch. lunch already then off to my dad’s side eldest aunty’s house. and then evening time was aunty betty’s. PLAYED WITH LAURENNNN! (:

day three of cny was just spent studying finance ): HAHAHA. sad life. and dinner at his other grandma’s house.

FINANCE TODAY WAS HARD haha but then why am i not surprised? i didnt even panic or feel sad. hahaha. die ah die. after finance we went to amk hub to shopshopshop! (: omg im so guilty. i bought shirts. and he bought running shoes. haha.

supposed to fetch pittit later at 10.40. but how come looks like her plane havent fly off :S HAHA or is it the website never update ): hmm. i shall go and bathe now!

and i love my bahn for doing things for me that no one else would do hehehehe.


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cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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One Response to hmm?

  1. meanie says:

    hehehe haha so cute the last line. hey! read to me the kj bible. and if you go shop now, then how you shop w me!

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