sailing, sailing

i’m so lazy to blog but got so many many things to blog! i’m even lazier to start studying for bp. monday seems so far far away. anyway, i think it’s time to look for new blog templates too. hahah (: and i’m getting bitten by all these weird insects at his house.

i’m being silly and looking at photos of nice bracelets and bangles (: hehe meanie.

coach! but why the photo so blurr. and i want anklet too. nice. and listening to nice songs.

They can take tomorrow and the plans we made
They can take the music that we’ll never play
All the broken dreams, take everything
Just take it away but they can never have yesterday
They can take the future that we’ll never know
They can take the places that we said we would go
All the broken dreams, take everything
Just take it away but they can never have yesterday

yesterday by leona lewis. so sweet and sad!

sunday was kind of a mad rush. actually both sunday and yesterday. sent bobo off on sunday night. thank God for bus pass. been taking bus up and down everywhere like nobody’s business haha. bused down to airport to meet some of the cg guys to send bobo off. 36 bus rides are worth it only because of the view of the flyer and marina area. just that short drive over that bridge is enough to make me happy :D

bobo came late but we were quite self entertaining so it was fine. we saw this big bunch of japanese students sitting on the floor at the airport. julius found it amusing and wanted to take shots with his dslr. so he got loke to fake a pose and he snapped some photos of them. but he forgot to off the flash so anyway after doing it a couple of times, i think the students realised and turned around and shouted something (probably vulgar?) at us. HAHAH. retarded friends i have.

bahnny had to study in school all night while i was at airport. so poor thing ): reached back school at 10.30 and then we decided to cab home because he hadn’t completed studying his coy law. waited 20 minutes but NO CAB. hate hate hate taxis. finally decided at 11pm that we’d take a bus back ): ): ): he still had to study till 2.15am. and i had fever that night, plus no panadol at home! haha.

monday morning woke up early early. took bus to his house to send him to school (: sent him all the way and then took bus home (see see see, cannot overemphasize the awesomeness of having bus pass. i swear i take bus at least 4 times a day). took his keys and then went over to his house to feed and walk summer. summer’s cute and silly (: then home to shower and change, then off to school again to meet him for lunch!

lunch @ ion like finally! i’ve been wanting to go to ion to look at sephora body butter. anyway the stupid thing was, i didnt go to sephora in the end. but i was just happy to go ion. we ate the yummy taiwan beef noodles again and talked till meanie came at around 1 (: then he went off off off to his tax workshop.

afternoon shopping with meanie !! :D we havent done that in a looong time. both of us are always busy bees with we both know what who ): walked over to fareast in my quest for denim shorts. hahaha. oh my i love fareast shops. all the tops so nice (: they had the top that we both wanted to get from a blog shop. i finally bought my denim shorts, though i think it’s abit too short. meanie says its fine though. and then i bought this plain black shiny top (sequiny actually) to wear for larry’s birthday party. i changed from my dress into my shorts and shirt (for sailing!) and i felt like a slut. ): ): ): tsk HAHAHA. and i want vistoria’s secret love spell body lotion!

after that meanie had dance in school so i was back at bizcom room chilling with bahn and some other people. and then left at 5 for harbour front.

my sailing story. this this this, i must blog it.

at around 11am, julius smsed saying that his friend who owns a bungalow in sentosa cove had a keelboat and had asked him to bring him sailing around the island to explore and look around at sentosa cove. (well he and his friend both have sailing licenses) he said, they had space for a few more friends so julius asked if anyone was interested in going sailing with them. he said good chance to look at the surreally beautiful sights at sentosa cove. i wanted to go but was supposed to meet maria and chrystal. julius said chrystal would go if she could finish packing. so i said let me ask maria if she wanted to go with both of us. maria said okay (: so anyway, i was very excited about my first time sailing okay haha. like i really really love the sea and oceans and the wind. so you can imagine my excitement yes.

so maria and i met at vivo, bought food and then walked over to st. james to wait for julius. then came julius in his black toyota with two of his friends. and then we were off off off to sentosa cove :D ahh sentosa cove is pretty pretty. as in the houses there are super duper freaking awesome. they’re huge and they overlook the sea. plus the back of each house has its own boat berth. so practically everyone there owns a boat or has a rented one. or at least, everyone owns like a canoe or a kayak. it would be how awesome to canoe around the neighbourhood. abit like venice style. and oh, everyone there owns like minimum 2 cars as well. anyhow, the houses were really pretty (as in you get the point right). so we reached julius’ friend’s house. and we went out to the back and onto the boat.

first things first, the keelboat was really really small. it looked like those kind of boats that old people sail out into the middle of lakes to fish/read magazines/sleep on a lazy sunday afternoon. and lake meaning, no current. the boat just floats. so maria and i got on and sat there waiting for the guys to get the boat ready. we were damn useless okay. anyway, the guys brought in like a dozen cans of beer and cans of fuji apple. julius brought the fried rice onto the boat. seemed exciting right. YES VERY EXCITING MAN. hahaha. after awhile we were off! we sailed out of the neighbourhood now. waters were calm, there. oh anyway its quite cool because to get out of the neighbourhood they had to open this bridge to let the boat through. then they docked the boat and closed the gate behind. i think it was to let the waters (or boat) stabilise. then they opened the 2nd gate in front and out we went into the open sea!

this part exciting. open sea was soooo choppy. the sky was overcast and grey but the point was, because it was going to rain, the wind was so strong and the sea was so choppy and the currents were so huge. OMG I WAS FREAKING SCARED I TELL YOU. i really really thought i was going to drop in and get washed away by the current. hahah. freak. can you imagine us in the small boat rocking away like mad. ): ): ): ): we were tilting violently in all directions and the worst thing was, julius and friends were having trouble with the sail and everything else. not good not good. it was choppy all the way out. and there were so many big boats around us. quite scary when this batam boat went close to us. as in it was unexpected. we weren’t supposed to be so near another big boat but somehow it got abit too close to us. you can imagine the after effect of the wave. omg i was so so so so scared. but it was quite funny maria and i kept laughing. the metal thing that was supposed to hold the sails were shaking so violently i had to duck down in case it slammed into my head. julius and friends really quite poor thing. the boat was quite screwed up. like the sail wasnt set up properly and something at the back came loose and they were going shit and ahh all the time. and yes, we were getting wet as well. the cans of drinks literally smashed on to the floor and one of the cans burst. we had to throw some cans overboard. anw, the current and waves were really too big for the boat. plus wind resistance sigh. the boat was travelling at an angle of 45 degrees at one point. i wanted to die )’: but i still kept laughing. most of the time they were just trying to settle the boat the sails the keel and what what what ?! anw, it wasnt peaceful at all. it was hard to sail and we were floating along with the current and not really moving in the direction we wanted. freaking scary. and so sorry guys. i think julius and his one other friend knew i was very scared so after 40 mins of trying to stay alive they decided to sail back into the harbour and neighbourhood where the water was calm. and julius said the waters were supposed to be as calm as that on a normal sunny day ): haha. anw sailing back wasn’t easy as well. we were rocking around like crazzzy i was so relieved to be back into the habour area. so we just cruised around the harbour area until the 2 gates opened for us. that was about 6.50 and then we finally went back into the peaceful neighbourhood. exploring the neighbourhood was much nicer :D it made sailing much more fun. and then finally we took photos with the nice scenery. the guys dranks beer to celebrate surviving and staying alive. and i was just, glad to be back in safe waters. the guys let us steer the boat awhile. we nearly crashed the boat into another person’s berth. we just suck. but anyway, the neighbourhood is really really pretty. i like the bridges. i wanna live there too (: i wish i could have sailed there longer (: maybe one day i’d like to go back sailing there, if the weather and waters are much much calmer.

what an interesting and exciting and scary first experience. i wouldn’t call it bad, but i was certainly shit scared at certain points of time HAHAH. but it was definitely once in a lifetime experience. i mean who goes sailing for the first time and gets so lucky to encounter such terrible sailing conditions, with such a small boat and three guys who seem to be struggling to keep us afloat. hahah. that’s what i call an adventure :D

next time i go sailing i’m definitely bringing taixin! HAHA (‘: then got someone to hug.

after that we had the fried rice in his friend’s house. then looked around the house abit and then julius sent me back to school. he literally, literally, dropped me off in the middle of the road. wth right -.- hahah. so much for HTHT foldy! haha <3 then waiting for bahn and then to his house (: glad to be safeeee. showered and then we watched cirque du freak, the vampire’s assistant!

eh the show’s really quite interesting and nice. but was too tired to continue the last half an hour so he sent me home at midnight (:

breakfast at thomson plaza’s kfc. the eggtarts were yummy! (: i ate two. and porridge. and then we went to ntuc to buy frozen pizza for our lunch. went back to his house to sleep. woke up to pizza lunch plus sheperds pie and some vege. and we finished watching the vampire’s assistant. the next he already downloaded is cloudy with a chance of meatballs. YAY (:

now he’s studying. and i’m not. when should i start studying for bp? clique supper got cancelled tonight ): sob. maybe i should read my book.

i can’t wait for tomorrow (: tomorrow is play day!

and you know what, i’m really super sad that i cannot send pacey and foldy off at the airport ): omg reality has hit me. i’ll really really miss them ): have a safe flight and i love you two loads!

Life is a series of pulls back and forth. You want to do one thing but you are bound to do something else. Something hurts you, yet you know it shouldn’t. You take certain things for granted, even when you know you should never take anything for granted. A tension of the opposites, like a pull on a rubber band. And most of us live somewhere in the middle. So which side wins? Love wins. Love always wins. (:

sweet. and inspiring.


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