best friends


met meanie this morning again (BEST FRIENDS YES?) at bishan. and then we went to do our manicure (: (: manicure’s pretty! haha i have pretty hot pink nails now. and she has bright purple hehehe. then oh i bought cotton on pretty pretty and bracelets (:

then yes, we took train to ps and ate the kfc eggtart again. then to cathay indulge for lunch. lunch set is super worth it (: got iced tea, soup, potato salad, pasta and icecream. only $8.90 total hahah. then after that mean left for airport to fetch ben )’: and then i went to sommerset to collect my face med. $242 know!! zomg. hahah.

i love my nails tweet tweet. next wanna do massage and thread brows (: hehe. MEANIE MEAN. (:

BYE. lend me your pink and grey nail polish lemme see your dress and purse and sunglasses and snowglobe and carved out keychain hahahaha. muacks, love you bye (:


About cheryl

cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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One Response to best friends

  1. meanie says:

    hahaha do you know! tonight is my only play night. so today is the start and end of my midterm break haha. he’s to study from tmr onwards omggg sad right. dear john is sad )’; sniffles.


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