i’ll hold your hand when we drive

And I wanna fall in love with you again
I don’t have to try
It’s so easy
Who needs to pretend?
But because it’s so funny
Let’s just think about it, honey
Let’s just fall in love again

aye i’m so retarded. today’s bahnny day! (: which makes us 1 year and 1 month old. time seems to crawl after the 1 year mark. you mean it’s only been a month since 24 jan ?! hahaha.

anyhows, i didnt get to send pacey off last night! ): dinner was at my house last night and we brought summer over (: and then watched tv till it was time to pick jack and isaac up from bishan mrt. CAT meeting! first time meeting at my house. weird but quite fun. jaya went to walk summer while we were having meeting. haha and she did birthday card as well! (: meeting ended at like 10.30 and then we drove over to thomson to eat rochor tauhuay. yum yum.

today was play day as well! (: woke up really early and bahnny fetched me to his house. walked and bathed summer then went to meet meanie at ps for breakfast at 10am (: bahnny went to deloitte to sign his A+ signature for internship haha. we were both early today! proud of you meanie, next time must sleep at 11pm again. kfc breakfast yet again. had an eggtart and waffles with eggs. kfc’s breakfast is nice. wins macdonalds (: and then we walked around ps and we went to cotton on and marks & spencers to see pretty pretty things (: (: ooh lala. meanies both like alot, but waste money!

been meeting meanie alot the past few days ever since ben flew off. i’ve become her new best friend man, haha (: but i kind of miss the old times where we both met lots, for lunch, for dinners, for no reason. and always talked on the phone at night. and smsed all day long. and htht-ed often (: and then along came, BOYS. haha ): wheee. see QMT is precious okay, hardly get it. and tomorrow we’re going to do manicure and then i’m going to thread my eyebrows (she went today!). we both want to trim hair/fringe and both want massage. and wanna go sunset grill & bar. and wanna do this and that and buy pretty things and both like branded nonsense :D hehehe.

oh yeah, bahn finished his deloitte early but then met me at ps at 10.45. bused home, took the car, picked jaya up and went to lauren’s house to plaaaay (: played for about an hour before megan came. lauren’s, oh my gosh, so cuteeee. she has all these weird funny actions and habits that are so amusing. so then megan came, then we had kfc for lunch. my throat will dieee. after that we played more for awhile, brought them both to the playground, then to frolick@holland v (: the two girls ate all the gummy bears and cornflakes!! greedy. then brought them back to the playground again for awhile before sending lauren back home. and then we took megan to resorts world (:

picked jack up from school then off to rws (: rws is awesome awesome. when i stepped out of the carpark and saw the big universal globe with hersheys shop in the background, and nice music playing, first thing i thought was, wah not singapore. hehe. universal studios looks damn exciting pls (: (: (: I WANNA GOOO! on a more random note, i stole a red chilis balloon for megan. haha. hersheys shop is awesome too. they have all sorts of hersheys things like bags, pillows, bears, cups, chocolates, syrup, bottles and what else. and coach at rws was nice! i saw alot of pretty wrislets and the pink one on mean’s blog’s $129 haha. went down to look at the casino for awhile (:

there are really some quite, uh, weird posters there. like the chippendales one. and the maxims girls! hahaha. okay lah just abit funny. most of the photos are with jack. so, up on facebook soon! (:

OH YES, and victoria’s secret is definitely yummy yum. the lotions and colours (: (: (: i bought my love spell body moisuturising creaaaam. YAY.

dinner was early cos megan was hungry. and then after that we decided to continue playing in sentosa so we drove over to the luge. btw, parking at rws was $10. for like 2 hours maybe?! hahah. and then entrance into sentosa was $6. we played the luge twice (: megan enjoyed it. hahah nvm, i did also. luge is fun.

and after that went over to vivo to get megan her toy. she kept asking us to buy her a toy. so yes, toys r us hello kitty princess tiara set. plus a princess castle balloon haha. oh oh, bahnny bought me hello kitty balloon HAHAHA. so cutee! it says i love you!

see i stuck it in my lamp (: pretty pretty thanks bahn!

then we sent megan home and she completely KO-ed hahaha. silly girl. alright i wanna sleep now (: more QMT meanie, and actually, foldy said she’d call me to htht tonight. but why not yet? hmm haha oh well. TIRED! (:

goodnight everyone.


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cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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2 Responses to i’ll hold your hand when we drive

  1. meanie says:

    qmt like a new lingo haha yes eggtarts are nice (: see i treat u to nailpolish and tarts today! and yes indluge is nice too sorry you never eat ur fussilllii (: wont abendon u k! <3

  2. thycherry says:

    new lingo like abendon and abahndon. I WANT MY FUSILLI. meanie i always bring you to nice places right! and kfc breakfast and indulge (:

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